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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

With a 15 minute time limit: 

Run 1 mile


AMRAP Burpees 

Coach’s notes:  For this workout you have 15 minutes.  Start by running 1 mile.  With any time remaining perform As Many Reps As Possible (AMRAP) of Burpees.  Burpees are chest to deck and full extension at top with both feet leaving the ground.  Post time for the mile and number of burpees completed to comments.

Compare to June 16, 2009

Comments: 17

Michelle is under there somewhere. That was an amazing moment.

8:03 for the run and 62 burpees…thanks to Michelle and Krista for the encouragement at the end!!!

8:00 for run and 61 burpees! nice work today Erin! and everyone else of course!!! This was fun! thanks again Brett

8:36 & 40 burpees…not as good a showing as on June 16

Witnessed (correct, I did not do this WOD) the 9:30 class – wow, lots of effort shown. Also witnessed Krista’s “encouragement” for Erin – clear, strong, and to the point! Still laughing……

That’s a great photo. 7:18 (18 seconds slower than last one but felt better) and 72 barfees. Thanks DJ for the help with the pull ups.

I LOVE this pic…It brings back so many incredible memories of the games, but more so than that it makes me think of my AMAZING TEAM-MATES. I had just finished what was the hardest WOD of the games for me mentally, and the moment I was done they all jumped on top of me speaking the kindest, most supportive words…I’ll never forget it!!!

10:04 same as June 16th
45 burpees

Did the prescribed route to the curb and to the tree but my GPS says 0.97 mi.
6:55 min. (mile pace = 7:05)
81 burpees
Last done Oct. 2008 – 7:13 and 71

8:01 and 45 burpees.

11:00 and 25 burpees.

Neil – row 1 mile 6:25, 57 burpees
Judy 9:30 (ugh, need to work on endurance) 40 burpees

Day 2 of 100% change in diet. Body is struggling with the adjustment and not feeling all that great today.
Decided to do the workout anyway, but take it slow.
Run 9:43 (felt really dizzy afterwards)
44 burpees
Thanks DJ and nice work Cory!

Where were the 8pm regulars? I had to run alone in the dark!

6:51 and 83 burpees.

The run was 45 seconds slower than last time, but I managed to do 10 more burpees. I think I could have picked up the pace on the run a bit more without gassing myself, but I didn’t have a watch to figure out how fast I was going. Thanks for keeping my company for the burpees Katrin!

Oh, and I got an ugly shoulder press PR of 120# in the tech portion.

6:02 on the run, 68 burpees or pain makers as i call them

I paced the run better this time around:
101 burpies

5:55 run
100 Burpees

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