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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Crescent Heights oudoor class

1 mile run

Rest 3:00 minutes

500 m row

Rest 3:00 minutes

1 mile run


Coach’s notes:  Post time for all 3 events to comments.


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Modified for outdoor use:
1 mile run – 6:14
2 min of push-up burpies: 30
1 mile run – 6:14
focused on keeping good pose technique on the run rather than all out.

in class
1 mile run: 7:19
500m row: 2:03
1 mile run: 7:54
Wish I could be consistent like Pierre! 🙂

1 mile run – 8:39
500m row – 2:15
1 mile run – 8:57

1 mile run – walk around the block x 2
500 m row – sat on the machine, fell asleep.
Okay, maybe not ready for my big return! Good news – at least I set the rower down before I tried to get on it!
Miss the classes – enjoy reading the posts and continued good efforts.
Hope to see you soon …Happy Crossfitting!

1 mile run – 6:00…run felt slow and lethargic…but a decent time

row – 1:33…was shooting for 1:30 or less which I had until the final 5-6 pulls where I lost it…however the blood flow to the quads was intense and it destroyed my second run…

1 mile run – 7:16….almost puked with 200m left…to prevent this I stuck my head down looked at the road and hoped I could get back to OPT in time…luckily I did not…

I meant to say luckily I did not puke…

In class as Rx’d (prayed for rain but Brett said it’s a go no matter what)
Rick 1st mile 6:45, row 1:56, 2nd mile 7:32
Adelle 1st mile 7:35, row 2:30.3, 2nd mile 7:54
Pretty bagged after that!

Mile #1 – 6:46
Row – 1:51
Mile #2 – 8:31 – must have dozed off

in class
1 mile run: 8:46
500m row: 2:11
1 mile run: 8:43
I stopped 3 times on my first run. I think I started too fast- felt sick. Ran slower on my second run with no stopping.

wow…I hate running!

13:40 1st.
2.11 row
14:00 2nd

Did I mention I hate running!

Judy – modified 1600m row/90 squats/1600m row 7:03,3:02,7:24….miss you too Miss no_excuses!!!

Excellent time Steve!!

G: 6:27 / 1:40.6 / 7:32
K: 7:00 / 1:58.3 / 7:33

Not feeling great tonight, but not sure if I started feeling that way because I saw that the WOD involved the mile runs!?! Went anyway…stopped and walked briefly on the last run. Thanks to Mark who paused his run to encourage me to keep going!!!
Mile #1 – 7:23
row – 1:59
Mile #2 – 8:47
Love the new chin up bar at OPT!!!!!!!!

Mile 1 – 6:24, Row 1:40, Mile 2 – 7:30

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