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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A1.         OHS – 2 reps X 6 sets @ 3111, rest 90s

A2.         Broad Jumps – 5 reps X 6 sets, rest 90s

B1.          Wallballs – 25 unbroken X 4 sets, rest 60s

B2.          Back Extensions – 35 unbroken X 4 sets, rest 60s


Coach’s notes:  Post loads for A1, track your distance each time for the 5 broad jumps in A2, weight used for wallballs in B1 and sets for B2 to comments.

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Nice picture!!

A2: these are fun.
B1: 12lbs unbroken/14lbs unbroken/14lbs unbroken/14lbs 10/8/7 darn.
B2: all sets unbroken
Great class and wod, thanks Brett! Krista you’re a great motivator, thanks for partnering with me! BTW, the morning class danced out of CFC like they didn’t do the wod, I could barely get to my car..what do you guys eat for breakfast??

A1. 75/85/95/100/110 (x1) oops maybe only did 5 sets??
A2. These ARE fun!
B1. 14/14/16 (short break 13,7,5) 14 (15,10)
B2. all UB-but I misread for first 3 rounds and only did 30 not 35 – not sure why I thought it was 30 reps ??
Katie you did great!!!! Nice work and nice wodding with you!!
Thanks Brett!! Awesome

A1. 95/115/135/155/165/175 probably PR for two with that crazy timing! (when I cleaned 165# from the floor to put it in the rack, I saw the stars for a few seconds, almost fainted!)
A2. as rx’d
B1. 25@20#/15@20#+10@16#/25@16#/25@16#
B2. all Unbroken

A1. 135/145/155(f)/155/165/177.5 (Just to beat the Hulk)
A2. Nearly all the way from the sink to the wall
B1. 25@18#/ 25@20#/ 25@20#/ 16&9@20#
B2. unbroken/broken/broken/broken (lost my sheet)

A1. 75/85/95/105/115/125
A2. on average 40 feet per set
B1. 14# unbroken/14 lb unbroken/ 16 lb (14+11)….outta time
B2. unbroken for 3 sets….outta time
Thanks Kris (nice work on your back squat today! Sweet PR!)

A1 – 95/105/110/115 sloppy/115 slow/115 1+f
A2 – 35’/35’/36’/37’/37’/37′
B1 – 16X25/14X25/14X(18+7)/14X(14+6+5)
B2 – 35/15+10+10/15+11+9/20+15
Not particularly pleased with how I did on any part of this WOD.

Not happy with David!! next time we go head to head on this one!
and I will not show my hand in advance! grrrrr

*Krista, it was written on the board as 30..oops..I guess I only did 30 for all of the rounds. Audra, your OHS numbers are ridiculous!! Way to go!

A1: 65/70/75/77.5/80/82.5 (thought I started high, but turns out that I had more in me; still a PR of 7.5#)
A2: all rough numbers: 32.5’/32.5’/34’/34’/32.5’/34′
B1: 6#/8#/8#/10# – ball slipped out of hands in rep 23 (have never done 25 unbroken wallballs before, so had no idea where to start; probably could have done more)
B2: all unbroken
Really need to work on starting with higher weights; feel like i left too much behind in the OHS and wallballs.

Thanks a lot Kris!

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