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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


5 minutes KB swings

5 minutes Jumping Pull-up Burpees

5 minutes Sit-ups



Coach’s notes:  Guys use 1.5 pood  (or 55 lbs dumbbell) and gals 1 pood (or 35 lb dumbbell).  Bar should be approximately 6” out of reach for the jumping pull-up burpees.  Post number of reps for all exercises to comments.


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Comments: 18

This WOD is quite deceptive…tougher than it looks. Couldn’t do jumping pu’s as other Crossfitters were in the cages (argh!!) Swings – 113, Burpees – 26, Sit-ups – 97

burpees, with jump to bar no pull-up 27
KB Swings 1pood 72
sit ups – 67

Nice work Jackie!

I did the pullup burpees..in the cage…sorry amazonbroad 🙂 but I still had to use 3 plates to step up onto
KB swings with red KB…not sure of the weight of that one.

Pullup burpees – 24
KB swings – 86
situps – 91
can’t believe I did more situps than KB swings!…things are getting better 🙂

Okay so Suzie and Sonja tackled this, suzie had just eaten a very bad greek salad and sonja hadnt been crossfitting in a while..,
we didnt count but we went hard!!!
this was a toughy but awesome..nice work to all!!

KB swings 36lbs, 104
sub’d double unders, because i needed practice, 65
situps, 160 (was aiming for 175)
started looking forward to the situps 1/2 way through KB swings, my back is a bit tight from deadlifts yesterday.

KB swings- lowest weight- shoulder still sore from KB swings partner w/o – 98
Pull up burpees (great set up for me Paige) 25
Sit ups- 95

As Rx’d

KBS – 145
PUB – 41 (not very fun)
SU – 153

Total – 339

This was a true fire breather for me…my lungs were burning for quite bit during and after the WOD…good effort in class tonight!

Nice work Steve.

Woah! This one brutalized me so bad.
KBS – 72
PUB – 39
SU – 95

1.25 pood

KB – 81
PUB – 27
SU – 142

Neil as rx’d KBS 80, PUB 24, SU 100
Judy KB 1 pood – 91 – swing not over head by the end..just above eye level
PUB to bar with no pull up – 39
SU – 142

As rx’d: 103,38,87 = 228
Need to work on the situps!

As Rx’d
KB; 103
BJP; 43
S/ups; 136

Warm up; 5km run in 27:30

as rx’d
KBS – 129
PUB – 26 That bar was really high. Or…I’m short… I spent too much time looking at it wondering how I was going to get up there!!!
SU – 184
total – 339

as rx’ed
G: 105/31/100 = 236
K: 117/33/193 = 343

Used the red kettlebell.

4×1000 meter run, 45sec rest between

Used the 12kg KB
KB 103
BJP 47
SU 133

As tough as this workout was, it was also really fun. (How sick is that?)

Burpees just to 6″ jump. No pull up bar available
KB Swings – 67
Burpees – 40
Situps – 86
Total – 193

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