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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Complete all sets in any order:

  1.  Row 500m, rest = row time, row 500m
  2.  Bar hang – accumulate 3:00 total and record number of sets
  3.  Two foot vertical jump – record best 
  4.  Dumbbell overhead walking hold – 50#/35#/hand for maximum time, one set
  5.  Double unders – maximum reps in one set

Coach’s notes:

Post results for all sets to comments.

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Comments: 6

A: row 500, 144.7, 201.1
B: 3 min bar hang 2:00, 0:40, 0:20 (2:00 is PR)
C: 2 foot jump 9’8” (PR)
D: dumbbell OHW 56 seconds @ 50#
E: Double unders unbroken 145 (PR)

Havent done one like this in quite a while. Fun one.

DUs: 72, 66 on second try. Pretty sure those would be PRs

Bar Hang: 2:25, 0:35. Had visions of doing 3min unbroken, but not happening today. Rested 1min between the two sets.

Row: 1:41.2, 1:44.4 ouchie. Forgot to look at clock right away, so guessed a bit on my rest, but was fairly close.

Jump: 27.5″ above reach or 114.5″ total height.
DB OH Walk: 😬. Skipped it. I know I know. thing I most need to work on, but just didn’t today. Too cooked by the end.

Thanks T!

Nice work Ron and Jeff.

Row: 1:39.5 / 1:41.5 Ouch!! Glutes were fryed on the 2nd row, I was hanging on by a thread.

Bar Hang: 3:00 in 1set. Happy to make it but man it hurt! Previous record was 2:35 or similar.

2 Foot Jump: I was making it a knuckle over the 9ft line.

DB OH Walk: 50sec @ 30# then (10min or so later) 48sec @ 30#. A huge weakness.

DU: 162 (10min or so later) 203! Previous record was 201 so happy to add another 2 reps.

Solid scores Andy. 3:00 bar hang is impressive and that 2nd row would have hurt!!!!

Row 1:42.8 second row 1:41.8

Bar hang 1min /30sec/30/30/15/15

2ft jump to 9’8 for 21 inch vertical jump

20# DBOH walk 1min 6sec I really need to work on this

Skipping 165 singles

Thanks Tania!

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