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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

50, 30, 20 rep rounds for time:



Coach’s notes:  Guys use 20 lbs, gals 14 lbs to 10 feet for wallballs.  Sit-ups are your choice (non-GHD).  Post time to complete to comments.

Important Reminder – CFC4 WODs will be released this Thursday in case this matters for any of you that are still sitting on the fence.  Bidding is now open for all silent auction items @ CFC or contact Nancy by email at  nfarries@calgary.ymca.ca

Comments: 24

Ahhh it is a mini Brett! How cute!

Isnt Brett already mini? Can you be double mini?

7:42 using a 12lb wallball and abmat. Wallballs were a wee bit inaccurate today (aka: totally awful).
Thanks Brett!! Good work 9:30am group

I think SuperKeane is one of the coolest superheros EVER!!!!!!

tlaw…you are hilarious…and brave….very, very brave. Doesn’t mini…um, I mean Brett, do your programming?!?!

8:18 as RxD (Unbroken)
New PR for Wallballs
Good Class this morning.

11:50 using 20 and 14 wb (15@20,35@14; 15/15; and 12/8). Sit ups split between anchored and abmat. Great class as always.

Are we supposed to dress up in costume for CFC4?
And can I wod in 4″ stilettos?

8lb WB
Anchored sit ups

Thanks for the head to head Ali, great job!!! 6:42 as rx’d anchored sit-ups, thanks for the push Blaine and TLaw definately kept me going. For those of you wondering, the costume competition ended in a tie. Therefore we have combined the two and DJ will be going as a princess ballerina! Krista we are supposed to dress up for CFC 4 good luck with the heels.

That might be the cutest costume ever! He looks so proud!

9:21 as rx’d unanchored situps with abmat
Thanks DJ!

at U of C with some co-workers
30/30/20/20 instead. 15# ball

As rx’d


Debated whether tonight should be a recovery night. Bucked up and decided to do this WOD in backyard. Got to WB #15 and couldn’t hit 10′ any more. Hands were cold. Kept dropping the ball. Got hit in the face. Gave up.
Got ticked at myself and started again in the front of the house where there is no window below the 10′ line. Was a little low on some but most were good. 4″ stilettos helped.
WB’s were sort of 8+3+3+3….
Hands were still cold. Kept dropping the ball. Got hit in the face again.

Anybody with a 16 lb. ball at home they want to trade for a 20 pounder?

Head to head with *THE* Wallball Guy himself. 6:10 as Rx’d – felt good to really push it again on the wall balls. 50 unbroken, 10/10/10, 10,5,5. All situps unbroken. Great job Tlaw, way to kill it pal.

8:18 as Rx’d

That is an adorable costume! Someone is nifty with the sewing machine!!
Today’s wod: 9:34 as rx’d – everything was hard- but glad I did it!

Oops- thanks Brett!

Rebecca tells me that her time was 8:10 and that of course I should care because she earned those 8 seconds!!!

As RX’ed, 6:39.

Thanks for the tip Brett!

7:53 with 8 lb wallball. Should have probably gone higher here.
Thanks Brett!!
I just love the picture. Too cute!!

6:05 as rx’d – abmat unanchored situps. Having Brett whisper in my ear to go unbroken was a nice touch. Thanks for the push Shirtless Steve!

9:47 as Rx’d. Anchored, abmat situps.

Great class tonight Brett!

8:16 as rx’d (anchored abmat sit ups)
All this time CFing and I had never used an abmat so I did tonight…felt faster for the first 30 then not so much…
Thx Brett

11:28 as rx’d.
Thanks Brett!

5:10, all unbroken.
Great race with White Lightning

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