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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


1 round for time:

1000 m Row

150 Jumping Pull Ups

Coach’s notes:  Post time to complete to comments.

CFC is hosting a rowing certification on Saturday, October 24, therefore a modified class schedule will be in effect for that day.  Adult member or drop in class attendance will be available before the certification starts at 7:45 am.  CFC Kids class will be moved to Sunday at noon.  Because the certification is only a one day course, all Sunday classes will run as scheduled.  Thank you for your understanding.

Comments: 15

As rxd= 12:10. After the first 50 jumping pull-ups my reps got fewer and fewer.

Are these jumping pull-ups the kind where we jump up to the bar from the ground?
Or are they the normal jumping pull-ups? Wrists at bar when standing.

Caper, I’d say to keep the intensity up as req’d for this one it would be hands on the bar style jumping chin ups.

As rx’d
4 minute row
10:05 total

4:08 row Damper @ 7 The row felt good. Kept a steady pace.
Total time: 10:26

8:05 as rx’d
3:18 row (too fast)
4 plus JPU (too slow)

7:12 **may be second or 2 off as rx’d
4:08 row
Audra my time would have been much slower if you hadn’t been breathing down my neck the whole time!!! hee hee thanks for the push!!

6:39. Row at 1:45 pace, then slower than 1:50 for the last minute to recover.
5 sets of 30 JPU.

I’ve been trying to get my brother into crossfit for a while, and he finally had his first experience with ‘Fran’. He posted the story on his ‘blog’. It’s a good read about the value of crossfit! check it out, www dot mitchleblanc dot com

* I mean slower than 1:50 pace for the last 100m

Also, be advised: a couple F-bombs in my brother’s blog post.

9:50 as rx’d

as rxd 6:19
Row was 3:25.6 damper at 8, 1:42 pace at 30s/m

100 – 45# SDLHP
150 JPU

9:47 total (as rx’d).


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