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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

As many rounds in 20 minutes of:

10 Power Snatch

20 Pull Ups

Coach’ s notes:  Guys use 95 lbs and gals 65 lbs for power snatch.  Post number of rounds to complete to comments.

CFC1 is this Saturday!  Schedule and WOD1 have been announced.  Click here to find out more.

Comments: 19

Scaled to 55# & PU’s were grn band – 5 rounds

scaled to 52# and was failing reps after my 1st rnd so probably should have scaled more. PUs were with blue band. I think I was in my 4th rnd when time was up, but could have been 3…

Oh I am so excited about these hoodies. Great to work out with the girls today!!

I am very excited about the hoodies too!!! Stacey – you continue to inspire me!!!
WOD: scaled to 52#s 10 chinups shy of completing 7 rounds .. almost but, my bleeding hands got in the way! Fun though!!! Brett, thanks again!

4 rds + 10 snatch + 10 pullups as rx’d. Pullups took me forever…thanks DJ!

55 lbs. and blue-band pull-ups
5 rds + 10+ 6

6 rounds + 6 As Rx’d

Serious work is needed on this lift!

Scaled to 65 lbs. Saving myself for Saturday.
5 rds. +10 + 7

Great work out! Thanks for the push Chantal!!

5 rounds + 6 snatch

Green band assisted PUs
First four rounds of snatch at 45 lbs
Fifth round snatch at 50 lbs
Last 6 at 55 lbs with a big thanks to Chantal for the suggestion to add weight!
I’d never done a snatch at 55lbs before. Felt great!

5 rounds + 2 snatches.

Power snatches as RX’d.
Pull ups blue band assisted.

Neil more in a series of bleh this week… 3 rds + 10 +10 @ 85# and unassisted PU’s couldn’t get the rhythm and powered down quickly – might be time to consider yoga…

Bench Press x 3
95/115/125/135/145×2+F PR I suppose. up from 135×5 oct 18.

10 mins of the WOD, 75# snatch to test it out for the competition.
did 3 rounds and a few snatches, all pullups without coming off the bar. (a few hanging rests on the 3rd round).

Thinking a lot about form on the snatch.

6 rds as Rx’d

5 rounds + 10 snatches + 15 pullups as rx’d.

95 lbs snatches are still heavy for me, and I dropped the weight after every rep. While I was hoping two weeks vacation would let my hands heal up nicely, I think all it did was make them soft. In the later rounds I did a lot of singles to prevent tears.

5 rounds + 1 snatch
Great coaching Chantal!!!

Took it really easy as I have a head cold with terrible cough. Tried to keep the breathing slow and steady to prevent cough attacks.
Scaled the snatches to 43# and used purple band for pull-ups.
3 rounds + snatches + 3 pull-ups

As Rx’ed 6 rounds, 10 snatch and 9 pu. Thanks DJ

Snatch – used 38lbs (did straight through most rnds. Need to increase weight next time.
Pull ups – Used purple bands for first round and half then switched to blue band, otherwise I would still be there.

Total: 5 rounds, 10 snatch and 18 pu’s

Thanks so much for the push Chantal:)

6 rounds plus 8 snatches as required hard workout

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