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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Front Squat – 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1

Compare to September 01, 2015

Coach’s notes:

Post loads for all sets to comments.

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Comments: 23

185, 195, 205, 215, 225…tried 245 a couple times but failed. Thanks Colin and Great work/turnout 6am!

145(3)/155/165/175/185/190(failed first attempt was to slow/got moving on the second and BOOM PR!)
Nice work 7 a.m. *elbows up haha great support/encouragement all around*
Thanks Colin!

225/245/255/265/275/285 failed at 290

Thanks OG – nice work 6am!

135#. Failed 140#.
15# PR. Feels so good to feel strong again.

Lots of amazing lifts at 9. Well done everyone.

Thanks Josh!

Worked up to 165#
10# PR.
Great job 9 am’ers.
Thanks Josh!

245# is a 20# PR …although I don’t think I’ve tested single rep FS before.
Thanks Josh!

Topped out at 215 – barely made it
Thanks for sharing the bar James
Thanks for the elbows up call – Colin

At work. Up to 160.

205/ 225/ 235/ 245/ 255/ 265(10#PR) / 275f
Thanks for sharing the bar Matt and Adam.
Thanks Michelle.

Worked up to 140. 15# PR
Thanks Colin! Great work 7am

175 I think it’s a PR failed at 181 and 180
Nice job on 200 ash ! Ya beast

Up to 190#. Thanks, Colin!

95/136/185/225 doubles with a pause
Finally officially in the 300 club.
Thanks Michelle and Kimmer

345, failed 365 twice, a bit to big of a jump.
Lots of huge pr’s today, thanks for sharing ken, you killed it.
Thanks Michelle and Kim!

142.5, for a 12.5lb PR from March, probably should have left it there as my failed 145 resulted in a sprained wrist and knee, from a slightly botched bail…….and no my elbows weren’t in the way…..

Thanks Josh, stellar lifting and PR’s at 9

Finally made it into the 200# club (3rd times a charm) thanks everyone for your support and kimmer and Michelle…and a special thanks to my lifting partner Amy πŸ˜€

Thanks so much Michelle and Kim!!!
143# pr for sure, might be 15 might be 20#

Worked up to 152.5#
Nice work everyone!

280 today. PR
Thanks Michelle and Kim! Lots of PR’s today

First time ever trying to max front squat. Got to 235 and failed 240 a couple times. Thanks for sharing the bar Matt and Derek you guys both crushed some new PRs today. Thanks Kim and Michelle

25lb PR here as well. Congrats and good job to all.
Thanks Michelle and Kimmer!
And thanks Roxy for helping me yell that last one up!

Last 1Rm front squat I have on record is 205… Possibly a PR, not sure.

Worked up to 143 (PR).
Nice work everyone! Thanks Jill for partnering:)

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