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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

“The Bear”

Power Clean

Front Squat

Push Press

Back Squat

Push Press

7 sets without the bar resting on the ground

Coach’s notes:  For this one perform the 5 exercises listed beginning with a weight that you will be able to manage for the 7 sets without letting the bar rest on the ground.  At the start of each set the bar will touch (but not rest) on the ground for your power clean.  Once the bar is at your shoulders (racked position) from the power clean, front squat the weight.  At the top of the front squat push press the weight overhead (make sure you reach full lockout) and then lower the bar to your back.  From here back squat the weight, then push press the bar from the back to full lockout, this time bringing the bar back to the front.  This is 1 set.  Repeat 7 times.  Rest as required between sets, say 2-10 minutes (yes, that says 10 minutes), then repeat the same sequence at a higher weight and continue to do so until you are unable to complete all 7 sets or you are forced to set the bar down.  These sets are not timed, so take as long as you need, just be sure that when you are taking a break that the bar remains off the floor.  Post the highest load that you reach for the full 7 sets. 

Compare to July 30, 2008 


Comments: 13

Cant wait to beat July 30th’s weight!

OHS build to 3 with 1 sec pause @ bottom for loads
76.5, 86.5, 96.5, 101.5, 106.5, 109 (F)
3 rounds for time of…
300m sprint row
20 1.5KB Swings
Time = 6:56

Muscle Up Prac
(can use more of this more often!)

So eager to get started on this one I forgot my math. 25+25+45 does not equal 75lbs which is where I wanted to start.
So it went
95, 100, 85 (sanity check) 105 (failed on the seventh one).
Obviously too much too soon.

80lbs, new PR

GandK: email me hart_atk@yahoo.com

Stacey 60, 65, 70 and 75
chantal 60, 65, 70 (failed on last PP in 7th round), 75 (3 rounds-f then 7 full rounds completed on 2nd try)

45/77/87/97/107/112 (3 sets) new PR

Or I dont make it due to flat tire…UGH! Took the dog for a 5K run/stop instead (she stops too much to keep track of time)!


Neil 45/45/65/75/85/95/111..thanks Alvaro for all the support!!
Judy 22/33/38/43(6 sets)/43/48.5 (6 sets) grip went

K: 60/70/75/80/85 [PB] /90 [2 rounds]
G: 95/110/120 still flu-fighting

It was a good one.
Rick 7 rounds finishing with 95lbs
Adelle 5 rounds with 55 max

I did the same as Neil but failed on the last one as I did not get the support I needed which basically meant have someone do it for me!!!

Alvaro you should have said something I would have been more than happy to finish your workout for you… Judy too!…

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