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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Back Squat  1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1

Coach’s notes: Post loads to comments.

Compare to November 20, 2009

Comments: 12

185,195,205,215,220 Failed,220,225 (New PR)

Kris thanks for pointing out that we should at our previous PR by the 4th set.

130/135/145/155/165/167.5 (f)/167.5 (PR)/170 (f)….thanks Kris…..

was working with the high bar back squat made 355 failed at 365

Worked all the way to 220. 205 was already PR, 215 was ok as well. Maybe 215 and 220 were not deep enough. Low bar

Worked up to 195. Had 2 failures and then successful on 3rd try, however, Brett commented that my squat wasn’t quite deep enough.

PR in March was 205 but probably skimped on depth.
This time I went real low. Also, low bar.


Form on heavier lifts was ugly. Pushed hips up without raising upper body then straightened up to finish lift. This cheat gets me through the weakest part of my squat.
Next time use less weight but lock in posture. Strengthen the weak part.

125/145/155/170/185PR/190F/190F – I didn’t check what my last 1RM was before coming to class (whoops) but, after looking at records – the last time I did this was at the beginning of tt barbell (January) and I did 170, so I’m happy I improved. Thanks Brett and tt barbell coaches! Good work everyone at the 6pm class and Anita thanks for sharing!

Have no idea what my 1RM is. I think this is the first time I did this WOD.
Thanks Brett!!
Great job Katie and Karen!! You are two strong ladies!!

185/205/215/225/235/240F/240F/240 high bar, thanks brett.

95/105/115/125/130 (f)
Decided to go back to 125 and work on technique out of the bottom of the squat. Did 3 or 4 single reps at that weight.
Thanks Brett for your coaching today! I know now what I need to focus on during this lift!

145/155/165/175/180/185/195(PR) didn’t go to failure … ran out of time
Pretty happy – new PR!!! called it a day!
Thanks Aud, thanks Kris – great class – nice job to everyone in this morning’s class!

205 (PR post knee surgery), Failed @ 215

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