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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

2019 Age Group Qualifier Workout 3:

For time complete 5 rounds of:

4 Muscle-ups
13 Shoulder to Overhead – 135#/95#

Then complete 5 rounds of:

4 Muscle-ups
7 Shoulder to Overhead – 185#/125#

Coach’s notes:

Post time to complete to comments.

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Every once in a while a truly humbling workout comes along. Today was one of those days.
– substituted banded bar MU
– dropped weights to 95# / 125#
– then just kept moving while trying to breathe.

Thanks Tania!!

27:13. Went with 75# on the bar for first 5 rounds, and then actually went down to 65# for second 5 rounds as things were kind of falling apart a bit. First few rounds of MU unbroken, then 2/2 for the rest. Fun one. Definitely still lots of work to be done overhead – I’m with you Jeremy, humbling!

Thanks Tania!!


All 10 rounds banded C2B
First 5 rounds shoulder to overhead 95#
Round 6 & 7 135#
Round 8,9,10 back to 95# wrist was to sore to continue at 135#

Thanks Tania and great job 10am!

Did 7 rounds in about 21min before I had to head to work. Rx’d, did all my MUs with no false grip which is a big win for me! (Thanks Derek for the push and the help to get that figured out.). Probably shouldn’t have done my first 4 rounds of S2OH unbroken, live and learn.

Thanks Derek!

26:14 Rx

MU were all unbroken (except my R3 I went 2/2). Really happy about going unbroken for 9 out of 10 rounds.

Jerks – Went unbroken R1 then broke them into 8/5 R2-R5 and 4/3 for R6-R9 – then 4/2/1 R10 (failed my last rep of round 10 and had to split jerk the last 3 reps)

I treated it like a MU WOD and treated the STOH like they were heavy – because 35 STOH at 185# is HEAVY.

The 15 min time cap for the age group qualifier is nuts. I got 1 jerk at 185# at 15 min… But if we had that time cap I would have approached it differently. But as it was presented, I just wanted to finish it Rx. Again, 35 STOH at 185# is HEAVY.

Thanks Derek P! Thanks Ryan S, it was really fun chasing you. Great job 6am! You too Chopped Liver 😉

S2OH @ 115# then 135#. Most, if not all rounds were 2 sets with a quick break in between.
MU’s rx’d. Don’t know that I’ve ever done 40 in a WOD before. First 2 rounds unbroken then down to 3’s. 2’s and even singles.
Thanks Kim!

29:45 – finished under double the time cap so yay me! 😉
Scaled MUs to 8/8 banded C2B and ring dips
S2OH: 70/85
Was star-fishing big time on the second last set so did split jerks on the last.

Thanks Kimmer!!!

Capped (ie Tapped) out at 30:00

Was done first 5 rounds at 15:00 even.
MU: 4 2/1/1 1/1/..(x3 sets)
S2OH: 7/6 (x5)

Next 15:00 (only 2.5 rounds)
MU: 1/1/1/1 then 3PU/3Dips (x4) for 2 sets
S2OH: 4/3, 3/4, 1 then stop!

To finish in a reasonable time would need to scale rounds/reps and/or weight. Fun ‘training’ session.

At least the tunes were on point tonight even if my fitness was slacking.

Thanks Kimmer and the mighty large 7pm class!!!

Finished 5 rounds in 22:15 doing 135# and scaled mus to 10 c2b and banded ring dips, tough one and tough scale, didnt want to spend the workout missing mus but in hindsight I may have been better off lol

Capped at 30 Mins

10 Banded Pull Ups
10 Banded Dips

R2: Only Finished 3 rounds
6 Banded Pull Ups
6 Banded Dips

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