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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Wednesday, May 14, 2008



For time:

Run 800 meters
100 Sit-ups

Row 800m
Run 800 meters

Coach’s notes:  Guys use 65lbs for the SDLHP and gals 45lbs.  Post time to comments.

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Back to the board, been away for a bit

WOD 4 rounds for time
30 135lb DL
50 squats
15 HSPU Forehead to floor
Time = 23:20

Wow shoulders are fried as well as back end.

As Rx’d except did Run, Run, Row instead of Run, Row, Run due to rower being occupied.

21:20. SDLHP took for EVER. Wishing I could bouce weight off the floor again.

I should count how many time time someone ask me: What are you training for?? after a crossfit WOD at my downtown gym.

18:47 as RXed at class.

Darn work gets in the way from attending class, Do you guys still remember what I look like? I miss class!!!!!

Did @ Y in 23:47

Agree with Pierre on SDLHP…Definitely need the Rubber Olympic weights to bounce off of the floor!


WOD, 2 rounds for time
10 standing long jumps
50 Lunges
21 KB – swings- 1.5, pod
21 chin ups
21 push up burpees
21 smash the ball to floor
Time – 12.50

Great job on HSPU Rob.

Thanks G

As Rx’d
Row, did not read closely enogh


Slow on sit-ups

Adelle – Row, SDLHP as Rx’d, Run, Sit-ups, Run = 23:45
Rick – As Rx’d = 23:32 – pushed hard on the SDLHP 10lbs heavier than normal
This was a challenging but fun one. The running saved both Rick and I from being way slower…


Did first 30 SDLHP’s with 65 then dropped to 45 for the rest (avg. = 51 lbs). First run and situps were strong, rowing was OK, SDLHP’s slowed me down, final run was slow and ungraceful.

G: 19:44
K: 20:28

WOD in class tonight
23:06 (row, SDLHP, run, sit ups, run)
pulled a hamstring last week doing accelerations so struggled with the runs, but felt good about the other stuff. Anchored the sit ups tonight because i wondered what impact it would have, but only got to 35, then went to unanchored. Can’t do as many consecutive reps with feet anchored.

Not sure if my run was 800M though. Used the tripmeter on the truck from the front door of the gym to 400M for halfway point. It seemed like it was short so I ran an extra 50M for good measure. Not so good on the last run though. Jeff’s right about slow and ungraceful.

jp: 21:53 as Rx’d in class. That last run was tough! Yes, we miss you swesley!

WOD motifidy
better at rowing then running so did 800m row, SDLHP, run, situps, row.

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