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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


‘Paige’ – Back Squat on the Minute

Coach’s notes:  Guys use 65 lb and gals 45lb.  Back squat 1 rep in the first minute, 2 in the second, 3 in the third and so on until you can no longer make the required reps in the given minute.  Post number of minutes to comments.

Comments: 13

what a goon

As Rx’d.
25 minutes + 21 reps.
Thanks to Caper for keeping track of time/reps.
Had to take a break half way down the staircase leaving the gym. Love it.

As Rx’d.
19 minutes + 5 reps.

Decided to do 65lbs O.H.S. instead because it sounded more fun. haha I was wrong!
20 minutes + 11 reps
Last time I did this with back squat I only got to 17 or something like that so I guess this is an improvement.

I made it to 25 and part way through 26 although I used 55 lbs. It didn’t help that Brett only counted every second squat after 22 🙂

Adelle made 22 rounds using 27 lbs – but due to numbers in class she was having to pick up the weight from the floor and get it in position for squats. That has to affect the totals.

Went with 55 lbs. Got to 15 minutes and 7 reps.

As Rx’d in class
Got to 28 minutes and 28 reps.

Also was picking up the bar in between…but I think that just made my arms hurt…they were a little tired from the 80 burpees in Monday’s Y workout and the 50 burpees in Tuesday’s WOD.
Then Alvaro was out and I quickly transferred to his vacant rack to finish off.

As Rx’d in class
Got to 22 minutes and 18 reps.
“It burns, it burns…”

Thanks again, Brett!!

Is this why the workout is named ‘Paige’?? I squat short of 29 min….Wow! Good work.

As Rx’ed:

Grant 26 +21
Kathleen 22 +21

Fantastic effort Paige!!!

This is NOT my work out. Got to 18 min + 9 reps.
I felt like I did not even go through a work out.
Did not breath hard, nothing hurts, I did not sweat.
Good for Paige, she is a MONSTER!!!!

WOW Paige…another amazing result for your WOD-you are certainly worthy of being the namesake!!!


I’m with Alvaro…this is not my workout either. I got to 18min + 10reps, not even as much as the last time I did it! It was; however, very cool to watch Paige get her 28 +28. WELL DONE PAIGE!!!

Yes, Pierre, this is why the workout is called Paige.
And to those who don’t know Paige, she is what avasquez said — she is a monster. But in a “shrek” kind of way …..
Once again – way to go Paige!

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