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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

As many rounds in 20 minutes:


10 Thrusters

Coach’s notes:Β  Guys use 85 lbs and gals 55 lbs.Β  Post number of rounds to comments.

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Come on Brett!! Get up!!! You are the next Crossfit Games champion!

I would love to do this one but my body has given me “Notice of Disagreement”!

I think you meant to put the quotes around “love” John!

Just 5 reps short of 9 rounds πŸ™‚ I copied Brett’s post-WOD pose, also.

I’ll be looking like Brett after this WOD too!

I remember doing this WOD not too long ago, maybe in the fall? Can’t find it. Anyone know when we did it last?

Found this very cool video showing some olympic weightlifting form analysis, check it out!


Interesting video, though I’d have preferred more verbal analysis of the lifts than their choice of music… πŸ™‚

I don’t think we’ve done this specific workout before. but on July 19th, 2009 we did AMRAP 12/12/24 of thrusters/SDLHP/double-unders, though at a lighter weight.

8 rounds as Rx.

OK maybe we haven’t done this one before. And I looked almost exactly like Brett afterwards.

10 rounds + 10 SDLHP
SDLHP as rx’d
Thrusters scaled to 42 lbs

Hey Alvaro,


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Hey Alvaro,
calgarymacneils at gmail dot com


calgarymacneils at gmail dot com

As Rx’d

felt nauseated the entire time πŸ™‚

Neil – 75 lbs 8 rds + 10 SDLHP
Judy – 43 lbs 5 rds + 10 SDLHP – thrusters are the death of me..another thing I need to practice at home.

Only did for 10 minutes then did some strength 7 rounds + 10 SDLHP.
Squats 150/150/155/155/160, pull-ups with an extra 10lbs.

7 +10 +8
hoped for 10


7 rounds as rx’d.
First time using 55# for thrusters; they were brutal!!! Struggled to get out of the bottom of the squat. SDLHP went pretty good.
This was brutal; every rep felt heavy!

Not a fun way to come back to crossfit. Fist WOD in about 10 days due to a strained lower back.

8 rounds + 16

As rx’d 8 rds and 2 seconds to spare!

Who is Caper???

Hulk, Hughie is Caper and Caper is Hughie…

tried to send you me email address but got caught in moderator maze

email is nphyper @ hotmail . com no spaces of course….


Done Friday, posted there

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