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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

“Double L’s” 

5 rounds for reps: 

60s Wallballs

60s Rest

60s Double Unders

60s Rest

Coach’s notes:  Guys use a 20lb wallball and gals 12lbs.  Post reps for wallballs and double unders and total for both to comments.


Comments: 18

Not able to make the class tonight, so we did this one at the condo.
Had to use a 7kg ball (great for Rick, heavy for me).
Rick WB/DU: 35/18, 36/17, 36/19, 38/20, 39/21 = 184/95 = 279
Adelle WB/DU: 24/32, 24/39, 20/39, 25/39, 21/23 = 114/172 = 286
Felt just like class! Arms are shaking and butt is sore.

Alrighty then 🙂 Wallballs it is…I will be wearing contact lenses tonight! 🙂
and I have my own skipping rope with extra instruction on the doubleunders…thanks Grant!

Rick and Adelle,

close score – nice work!

10kg (22lb) medicine ball (the ‘hard’ type, which I find easier to handle than the Dynamax ‘soft’ type)
WB/DU: 26/43, 25/45, 23/43, 23/41, 24/45 = 121/217 = 338

10kg (22lb) medicine ball (the ‘hard’ type)

WB/DU: 25/20, 21/18, 19/15, 18/7, 20/13 = 103/73= 176

WB/DU: 20/46, 13/45, 12/44, 11/45, 10/45 = 66/225 = 291
Could have pushed harder in the wallballs but paced myself for the double unders. Left me with lungs a burnin’!

Would it be possible to post a link to the WOD the last time the same day came up?

This would help with using this as a training log.

Good suggestion Caper! There are very few CrossFit Calgary WODs that are repeated but we will make a “Compare to…” link on ones that have been previously posted to help you track your progress. Thanks for your suggestion!

Missed today, will complete today’s WOD by Sunday.
Went for a 3.5km run instead

As RX’d
WB/DU 27/32/35/31/21/24/24//24/42/24 =284

WOD as Rx’d
188 total

definitely disappointing

Started wallballs with 20 lbs and went rapidly to 12 lbs.
Sat out one round of wallballs to explore the fine line between coughing and puking.

Wallballs 17 19 15 14 0 65
Double Unders 10 13 6 9 16 54

WOD as Rx’d

Wallballs: 31/29/28/23/28
Double Unders: 57/46/48/38/18
Total: 346

Couldn’t get the double unders going on the last round. The legs where devastated from the wallballs at that point.

G: DU’s 47, 45, 34, 33, 30 = 189
WB’s 35, 31, 28, 26, 27 = 147
Total = 336

K: DU’s 52, 65, 54, 50, 51 = 272
WB’s 28, 23, 23, 22, 22 = 118
Total = 390

JP: 306 total (did not write down all the numbers).
Need to relax more on the double unders and stop letting the ball hit me in the head on the wall balls!

Glad i went last night despite my cold, felt awesome after i was done. Thanks for the support from the class, i keep pushing not the best numbers but i am starting to get the double unders, just got to keep practicing.

Total: 81

The damm ball hit me in the face twice almost destroying my glasses
Even though I thought it was an easy WOD I couldn’t do more than 258.
I don’t know what the problem is but my shoulders were burning…….

Kathleen, nice work on the double unders. Well done.

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