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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Wednesday, March 18, 2020


Muscle Snatch – 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3

Between sets practice L-Sits, holds, hangs.

At Home WOD

A. As Many Reps As Possible (AMRAP) in 12 minutes (8 rounds total) of:

1:00 Side Shuffle – 10 ft.
:30 Broad Jump

Practice front and back scales for 12 minutes.

*We will continue to post our regular daily WOD for those members that may have equipment at home or access to said equipment.  For those that do not have equipment at home we will continue to post a daily At Home WOD in addition to a video describing this WOD on our Foster Community FB page. Please post your comments, pictures and videos for the At Home WOD to that page. Please also note that TT Strength will be postponed until we are able to open back up and provide the necessary coaching for this 12 week program.

Coach’s notes:

Post comments, results, here and pictures, videos and virtual high fives to FB and IG!

WOD Leaderboard

Comments: 14

Keeping 6am alive
Couples home WOD – Mon
18 ish

18:41 – mondays WOD
Box closed – is going to be tough
Whew –

Home WOD (20:00)
– managed to my ass out of bed for this WOD this morning, now if I can only make a few of the 6am classes when you reopen! 🤨💪🏻🤪 Good sweat this morning!

Have a bar at home. Worked up to 3 reps at 125# in the basement.

Kids did their own WODs: 3 rounds of presses and push ups. And then we had a soccer round robin…until the basement tv was hit (luckily no damage) but that’s it for today. Time to get outside.

I appreciate the home WODs. So cool. Thanks Brett.

Thanks for keeping us WODing Brett.
we are here with you and for you.
looking forward to things normalizing!!
Stay Well.

5 Rounds for Time:
20 Pushups
20 Sit-ups
20 Squats

Bryan – 8:42
Daniel – 10:28
Sandy – 11:45

Monday’s home WOD – about 19 min
Tuesday’s home WOD – oh THOSE abs!!
Must admit that I did enjoy a bit of a sleep-in today BUT miss the camaraderie of the 6am crew. The dog whining at the gate to the stairs just isn’t the same!

Did Tues. Home WOD. Side shuffles and jumping with little dogs around does not work.
18 side raises per side per set, 60 second plank X 3. It was the twisting v-sit ups that the dogs attacked, so didn’t finish these. Then 12 minutes of front and back scale practice. With the dogs looking confused! Keep them coming Brett!

Not enough space to do the home WOD today so Daniel and I did this partner WOD.
Actually a lot of fun (and work) had to make some home adjustments but made it work!

For Time (with a Partner)
200 meter Dumbbell Carry ( Daniel running on treadmill)
116 Dumbbell Push Presses
116 Dumbbell Power Cleans
116 Burpees Over Partner (total)
200 meter Dumbbell Carry ( Diana running on treadmill)

Time : 37.30 ( slow yes, but working on getting stronger )

Found some equipment.
Muscle-snatch up to 130×3 and 135×2
Scales – these seem to go much better when I don’t have someone telling me that my leg isn’t straight, my hips aren’t square and asking if my leg really only goes that high. Pretty sure they were perfect today.
Also did 8x500m rows at moderate pace. Times we’re right around 1:55 each round.
Missing the crew!

4 Rounds
15 Pushups
25 Sit-ups
20 DB lunges 25#\hand
20 SA alt DB snatch 25#
20 medball squats
Didn’t keep track of time

Fun seeing all the home wod creations! Keep it up everyone

18 min AMRAP

10 banded pushups
12 Turkish sit-ups
15 1-1/2 goblet squats

Used small band over the shoulders for pushups
Used a 10# plate for sit-ups
Used a 1 pood kettlebell for squats

5 rounds + 10 pushups and 5 sit-ups.

Another day and another family at home WOD completion (in search of silver linings to all this…exercising as a family would be one of them). Set up a 20′ shuttle run spot but didn’t do a good job tracking how many reps per round…broad jumps I could usually to there, back, there each round. Keep up withe the great WODs…they are appreciated!

A1. Left Side Plank Raises – 20-30s X 3 sets, rest 30s

A2. Front Plank Hold – 60s X 3 sets, rest 30s

A3. Right Side Plank Raises – 20-30s X 3 sets, rest 30s

A4. V-sit Twist – 20-30s X 3 sets, rest 30s

I’ll go when Lauren is at work.

Then, I did a 11 amrap of walking lunges with my weight vest, then accumulated 2 mins l-sit.

Then I did an RPM spin class.

Going to do my best to stay fit. Miss you crew.

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