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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Wednesday, March 12, 2008




7 rounds for time:

25 DB split jerk

25 jumping pull ups


Coach’s notes:  Guys use  30lb dumbbells for the split jerk and gals use 20lb.  For the jumping pull-ups set the bar height so that your wrists are just above the bar.  Post time to complete to comments.

Comments: 15

30:30 as rx’d
first round finished in just under 3 minutes but the remaining rounds I really had to fraction the weight especially to ensure proper form and lockout. Admittedly some reps I would lower my arms while stepping back. Tougher than I thought as I was anticipating a 15-20 minute workout.

I meant to say fraction the reps into 2 and 3 reps at a time.

well, I did yesterday’s WOD today. Total time – approx 19 min – the stopwatch was acting possessed again.

27:09 as with 25lb DB
Split jerks were broken in 5’s after the first round.

4 rounds (short lunch)
broken 20# Split Jerks (form questionalbe as I have not yet got the hang of these things)

24:25 with 32.5 lbs Bumbells

Adelle – 18:47 with 10lbs DB
Rick – 19:02 with 15lbs DB

Guess perhaps we should have used heavier wieght, but we were able to finish before the class was over.

We have our second named workout. Tonight, Michelle put forth an excellent effort, the result of a lot of recent hard work and commitment. She finished in 18:07 with 20lb dumbells. Congatulations Michelle, this one is now yours!

WOD in class
using 17.5lb dumbells. Finished in 23:50

Way to go MICHELLE!!!! You Rock! 🙂

G as Rx’d (30#) 27:37
K as Rx’d (20#) 33:31

Thanks guys!!! I love lifts like the push jerk and split jerk so I’m very happy to have my name on this one! I also LOVE CrossFit , especially the atmosphere of support, encouragement, and enthusiasm in the classes!!!

Nice work Michelle, way to push it! great effort… i love it… strong momma.

15 lb dumbells
Turned out the lights and locked up when I was done.

As always, excellent work Michelle!

Do I have to complete a workout to get one named after me? Cuz I’ll do it, I’m nuts like that.

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