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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


7 rounds for time:


25 DB Split Jerk

25 Jumping Pull-ups

Coach’s notes: Guys use 30lb dumbbells for the split jerk and gals use 20lb.  For the jumping pull-ups set the bar height so that your wrists are just above the bar.  Post time to complete to comments.


Compare to December 21, 2008


Reminder to all members and drop ins – please sign for each class.  Thanks!


Comments: 17

Just for clarification, are these split jerks done with singe arm up alternating or both arms up?

Can you please clarify what the Jumping Pull ups are.
Seems to me if you have the bar so your wrists are above you are pushing yourself up not pulling???

dumbell in each hand, both dumbells overhead. as for jumping pullups, set up a box or something like it so that when you step on in and reach your hands up past the bar, your wrists are slightly higher then the bar then grab the bar and from full extension jump and finish by pulling yourself over the bar. Does that help?

taylor, that is one deeeeep squat. I like it

Thanks That helps a bunch.

Thanks for the clarification…as rx’d – time was 28:54

31:46 as rx’d.

Split jerks were slow and very broken.

I started with 15 lb DB. After 2 rounds I changed to 12lb. Last round I used 10lb.

Used 15lbs, next time I will use 20.

15:34 as rx’d

17:42 as rx’d

Rick 17:57 20lbs
Adelle 20:38 15lbs
We both went up in weight from last year & both have improved.
Nice work Erin!
The new place is great!

Neil 23:40 25 lbs
Judy 26?? rd 1 – 15 lbs, rds 2 to 5 – 10 lbs, rds 6 to 7 – 5 lbs

used 10lbs DB

Paige as rx’d for ‘gals’ @ 20lb db – 29:09
Dale scaled down to 20lbs db – 23:31

K: 20:42 [Dec 21’08 19:45; Mar 12 ’08 33:31]

Love Michelle but dont love her workout…

22:07, 3 rounds at 20 lbs and 4 at 15lbs

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