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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

10 rounds for time:

7 Back Squat

14 Jump Squats

Rest 1:00

Coach’s notes:  Guys use bodyweight for back squats and gals use 3/4 bodyweight for back squat.  In the jump squat be quick off the grground and jump as high as possible.  Post working time to comments.

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Scaled to 75#…15:49 Thanks Brett for the coaching.

TT Strength Homework
Front Squat – 95/115/125/130×1(PR)
* – went too heavy to start
Press – 45/65/75 (2, then fail)/70 (2, then fail)/ 65/ 65
Pull Ups (unassisted) – first 5 rnds broken, got 4 in the row for the first time ever on last one, yay!

WAY TO GO AMY!!!!!!! 🙂

Scaled to 75#-17:22-that messed me up.

Wohooooo Congrats Amy!

For the record, this is my kinda WOD. :o) Just might have to forgo a Big Dawgs WOD to give it a go this weekend.

Did yesterdays WOD along with some decline bench press

FS: 135X1, 145X1,150X1, tried 160X0 but failed took 4 min rest then 155X1(PR)
BP: 95X1, 100X1, 105X1, 110X1, 115X1 (PR) ugly but made it 🙂


17:03 As rx’d (done with 165lb, bwt 161# after WOD)
Good WOD, will leave its mark.

Awesome work Amy!!
14:13 – 65lb Back Squat
I hate stairs right now but loved the WOD anyway

Scaled to 52#
16:00 total time

Neil – 0:40 / 2:20 (0.40) / 4:05 (0.45) / 5:53 (0:48) / 7:48 (0:55) / 9:48 (1:00) / 11:38 (0:50) / 13:30 (0:52) / 15:31 (1:01) / 17:27 (0:56).
BWT = 193#

REALLY wanted to do this one, but won’t be able to because hubby is still at work. Hope I can somehow make it to the 7PM tomorrow. Otherwise no CF for me until Sunday. 🙁

Scaled to 85lbs (3/4 BWT=103)
After yesterdays WOD (front squat) it is difficult to walk.
Great work tonight Katie, Krista and Audra!!
Thanks DJ!

as rx’d at 75% BW (87.5 lbs)……total time 14:40

….my quads are currently rolled up into tiny little cramped balls!! Tomorrow morning won’t be pretty!!
Thanks DJ

bwt – 210…as rx’d 18:34 I think. Walking will be an issue tomorrow
SarahG – 75% 97.5lbs 18:??

as rx’d 14:39 ( Audra, that’s what I saw when I looked at the clock and I thought you had finished before me..you took too long to turn around to see your time;)
That was a good one. Thanks DJ! Nice work tonight – fun to have Krista and Audra at the pm class and so glad you’re back Anita!

Nice work Amy!! congratulations!
as rx’d 3/4 BW = 100 lbs (today) not exactly sure time – lost my little scrap of paper that had my times written on it. However, approx. :30/round fairly consistent on time/round give or take a few seconds! Thanks girls! you make it fun! I like wodding with you gals!
Thanks DJ!

Forgot to say Amy WAY TO GO!!

Scaled to 120lbs for back squat.
Total time = 17:21

20:51 as rx’d (BW 205).

This is probably the sort of workout I should have avoided before playing volleyball. By the time I made it there I could barely walk! I’m quite certain walking will be an issue tomorrow.

97.5lbs for rx’d back squat. Time was 13 somethin.

As Rx’d (3/4 BW = 90#)

20:06 @ 80%BW (135 #)

First set 220
second 205
remainer 185


Friday’s WOD followed by above (bad idea)
Total working time 12:15
Fastest 1:05 (R1) Slowest 1:20 (R10)

Got a chance to do this WOD today (March 17th) so posting here now…..
used 115# (a bit more than 3/4 BW)


Total Working Time: 7:27

I’m afraid to go to bed….I’m quite certain I will not be able to walk tomorrow….or the day after…..:o)

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