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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

1 round for time:

800 m Run

40 Pick it up and put it overhead

800 m Run

Coach’s notes:  Guys use 105 lbs for lift and gals use 75 lbs.  Weight must start from the floor and reach full lock out overhead for each rep, you choose how to get it there.  Post time to complete to comments.

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Comments: 24

17:07 scaled to 62lbs Thanks Michelle.

19:51 using clean n jerk 65#

awesome workout! as rx’ed 14:31 Thank you, Michelle-great coaching!!!

10:00 as rx’d

20:09 scaled to 57 lbs


16:05 scaled to 61#
Thank you for the coaching, Michelle!

as Rx’d, it was I think 12:25, could have been 12:35, somewhere right in that ballpark.

12:20 with 95#

13:49 as rx’d

11:08 as rx’d…this was not too bad…felt good and relaxed on the runs (3:00 for first 800) and was back out the for second run at around 7:00…second run was clearly slower but I felt good and strong when done….did not have to collapse…breathing was good…

First time in 5 weeks I have done 3 WODS in a row…feel like I am getting closer to recovery…

Way to go Garret…you pushed hard for a big man!!

Shelly..awesome job as well!!

R – 13:56 with 75#
A = 16:16 with 52#

16:25 w/105#

24:04 as rx’d

13:08 as rx’d. 3:00 for the first 800 and started the second run at around 9:35. The first lap of the second run felt awful, and there were probably a few steps of walking at the 200m mark.

13:15 as rx’d

Im pretty sure i lost a lung during the first 400 of the last run. Somehow the last 400 took me over 2 mins… i’ll get you next time cory

Neil 95 lbs – 17:13
Judy 52 lbs – 21:53

Scaled to 52# – 18:06
As with most workouts, I feel like I could have used a heavier weight. Even though the Cleans and Push jerks were slow, they felt strong and somewhat easy. I just can’t do them in quick succession yet; I still have to set up, think about it, and then go for it.

14:22 rxd.
I’d like to try this again. Faster pick it up and put it overheads next time.

14:37 scaled to 61#

14:07 w/ 85#.

Scaled to 65#


15:35 as rx’d
I did like this one. Second first 200 meters felt like I was carrying my two daughters in a backpack. It is nice to cut the corners. I hope Brett measures it soon.

18:36 – 85#

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