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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


As many rounds in twenty minutes of:

10 Knees to Elbows

10 Sumo Deadlift High Pull (SDLHP)


Coach’s notes:Β  Guys use 65 lbs, gals use 45 lbs for SDLHP.Β  Post rounds completed to comments.


Comments: 16

Wow! Who is that girl??????

oh I am sooo ready for this. More practice on what I need to work on so desperately!

800m sprint +
3 rounds of
20 chin ups
10 65lb Thrusters
Time = 7:41

18 rounds and 5 knees to elbows

12 rounds even, knees touching the elbows on every rep.
Grip strenght became an issue

As Rx’d

15 rounds + 10 K2E…and 9 skin tears (yes 9…and they hurt like hell)

13 rounds.

55 lbs.

11.75 rounds

Neil as Rx’d – 11 rounds
Judy 1 pood kettlebell instead of sumo – 10 rounds plus 5 K2E

not quite as rx’d…but I’m getting there! Definitely grip was an issue (left forearm really hurts!) 2 skin tears…one on each hand
Sumo’s were the ‘rest period’ and they were over way too quickly (145#)

9 rounds + 5 knees to arms

As Rx’d πŸ™‚
12 rounds even
enjoyed the ride
no tears and Paige drove home…hmmmmm

Great energy once again everyone! Thanks Brett and DJ!

oops… that was meant to read 45# not 145#

almost as rx’d…worked really hard on form for K2E’s tonight and tried to touch knees every time, but I know that some were ‘almost’ there.
12 rnds even
Dale and Grant…awesome K2E’s!!!!

Subbed in 8 GHD Situps for 10 K to E. Still the nagging rotator cuff injury, but it’s getting better.
22 rnds + 8 SDHP

G 15 rnds + 10 K2E + 5 SDHP
K 15 rnds + 9 K2E
Thanks Brett & Dee Jay

11 even.
Tougher than I thought it would be.

11 Even, Ripped off calluses on ROund 9, I’m a chicken so I subbed the last two rounds of K2E with 20 situps.

Good to be back.

Thanks Brett and DJ for helping out after my embarrassing landing on the barbell!

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