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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Back Squat – 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5

Compare to August 26, 2019

Coach’s notes:

Post loads for all sets to comments. GO LOW!!!!!

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Felt great to squat today!
Thanks Derek

Up to 315, 5 sets at 295. Strength felt surprisingly okay, capacity/stamina with weights is still a work in progress. Tried to make sure I didn’t over do it on the first heavy squat day, stayed below 90% and focused on getting good quality reps.

The “compare to…”s are not very nice these days! Can we find a comparison to the last time I took 3+ months off heavy squats?

Another mighty 6am squad! Thanks Derek!

5 @ 235 for a 10# PR from last comparison
Super happy with mobility and movement

Thanks Ragnar

Had a little more in me, but didn’t want to push it on the first day back squatting heavy.
Felt pretty good today. This is about where I thought I would get to tonight. Old 5 rep from a year ago is 275.
Thanks Shannon!


Called it at 255#. Felt good, don’t wanna push it. So good to be back!!!

Topped off at 225lbs, 4 reps
Better than I thought. My legs felt great.

Great warmup Derek.

Goal: Squat excellence. I have gone too low in my squat. I was looking for the sweet spot where I stay engaged and ready drive up while staying engaged.

Very grateful for the feedback of coaches and classmates to keep me accountable. I’m better for it.

No ego, no belt, no lifting shoes (I was in barefoot shoes) . Just virtuosity and a huge smile lifting with my friends.

205, 215, 225, 235, 245, 250

Thanks coach Shannon Krusky great class. Nice work 5:15pm

Just nanos today. Left the belt, sleeves and 👠 in the bag.

Did a back off set at 225 afterwards.

275 wasn’t super virtuous but given my mobility I’ll take it. The final set at 225 felt really good.

Thanks Shannon! Awesome lifting at 6:30.

Worked up 115lbs
Happy w 1st lifting day in 12 weeks

Ended with 235
Nice – may not feel nice tomorrow but going to live the dream for awhile

Nice work 6amers


Just metcons and knee sleeves. Felt great having some good weight on the bar again.

Thanks Shannon!

95/110/120/125/110×3 sets

So grateful to be back lifting and back with my fit family. I just took tonight to enjoy the process.

Thanks Shannon

Great lifting and so much positive energy tonight.
I’m never going to take this for granted. ❤️

Up to 215 x 5 in 6:30 class. Not breaking any records today but I felt like my form was good and I’m happy with that 🙂


So only 90 pounds off my PR for 5

Felt like there was more there but I second guessed myself after 185 and made a smaller jump than I would normally so I ran out of time.
Only 10# off my 5RM and the hamstring and knee felt solid, so tonight was a big win.

Thanks Shannon!! Great job tonight 6:30!

Really happy how hood these felt technique wise. Those home wods keep paying off!

Thanks Shannon!

Worked up to 175 before backing off. Just trying to keep my feet engaged which has been a weakness of mine. Thanks for the great class 6:30

Keepin’ it real in double digits for max at 85# 🙂
Love watching the heavies!!

275/295/305 X 3/295/295/295, just kinda lost it on the 305, some things are not quite the same as they were!?!?!?!?!

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