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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Complete for time:

800 m Row

30 Thrusters

800 m Run

Coach’s notes:  Guys use 135# and gals 85# for thrusters.  This is a progression from May 17, 2010.  As before, complete the work in any order or manner you choose.  Post your choosen method of completing the WOD and time to ocmments.

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Legs very stiff from past 2 wods, severe whining/feeling sorry for myself, gave self an emotional slap and finally the following strategy to complete as rxd:

Run 200 / 10 thrusters/ 200/10/200/10/Run – Row 800 = 15:31

Thrusters broken (135 seemed very heavy) but had it in my head to get them done before the row. Felt like death at end…day off tomorrow

30 75# Thrusters/400 run/400 row/400 run/400 row = 13:09.
The legs were finished after Monday’s WOD and now are thoroughly like spaghetti. First run was good, second run after row was a joke!! Thanks, Brett. Great job, girls!!

10:16 as rx’d *pushing for under 10 but oh… just couldn’t do it*
15 thrusters/400 row/5 thrusters/400 run/10 thrusters (8,2)/400 run/400 row…
*could have probably pushed for more thrusters in round of 5 but in my head I was thinking I wanted to break up the run,row*
thrusters felt good, second run,row were awful!!! definitely the granny shuffle/walk and was just happy to be done with the second row … thanks Brett, Mark for final push!!
my legs were/are now officially done

oh yes…. and where were all the 9:30ers??? we had our own private class this am!!!

10:36 at 115#.
Did 10 Thrusters, 400m Run, 10 Thrusters, 400m Run, 10 Thrusters, 800m Row.
That row at the end was nasty.
Thanks DJ

scaled to 65# – 13:04
800m row/5+5 thrusters/200m run/5+5 thrusters/200m run/5 thrusters/200m run/5 thrusters/200 m run
Thanks Evan and Colin (your bars are amazing!)

11:07 as rxd
10 Thrusters,Run 400, 10 Thrusters Run 400, 10 Thrusters. Row 1000m.
Not trying to do more just not very smart!!

9:39 as rx’d
row 400m, 15 thrusters, row 400m, 10 thrusters, run 800m, 5 thrusters
run felt great, everything else hurt!!
great job 6 pm’ers
Thanks Colin (yummy treats!) and Evan

Dear god that was ing hard!! Still a good one though!!!
15 thrusters (ub on this set), 400m row, planned on 400m run…but I thought, may as well do 800…stumbled back, fell onto the rower and paddled 400m and then did a verrry broken 15 thrusters.
This time..11:30 with 85#..last time 10:44(the run was broken up last time and I think the rx last time was 75#). Thank you Colin, Evan and speedy gonzales Audra for yelling at me- I love that, if I did that wod alone I would have just sat right down! Nice job everyone at the 6pm!!!

15:06 -at home, did 75 burpees instead of the row. run 800m, 30 broken thrusters with 20 lb DB each hand, 75 burpees.

11:48 @ 55# My ankle is still healing so I subbed row for run.
Row 400/8 thrusters/row 400/8 thrusters/row 400/8 thrusters/row 400/6 thrusters
Thank you Evan & Colin for the push and great tunes!

9:34 as rx’d.
10 thrusters/400 m run/10 thrusters/400 m run/10 thrusters/800 m Row
Thanks for the class DJ and Colin!

Scaled thrusters to 52#. After Monday’s workout, that was all that my back and quads could handle.
400m row, 10 thrusters, 400m run, 10 thrusters, 400m row, 10 thrusters, 400m run

Thanks Evan and Colin!

Scaled thrusters to 40#
200m run/10 thrusters/200m run/10 thrusters/200m run/10 thrusters/200m run/800m row
Thanks Evan and Colin for the encouragement!

10:24 as rx’d
10 thrusters, 400 m run, 10 thrusters, 400 m run 10 thrusters, 800 m row

Thanks Evan and Colin! Love the sound effects! And treats!!!

I want Colin to come to the 9:30 class with his treats, k??? I think we’ve been patient so now it’s time, please!!

11:32 with 65#.
15 thrusters, 800m run, 15 thrusters, 800m row.
Way to go Audra and Katie, you did amazing!
Thanks Colin and Evan for the push!
Loved the treat Colin!

Scaled to 55# After Monday’s WOD and Ultimate Tuesday I didn’t want to push my back. I kept changing my mind on the fly — not a good stradegy. Just couldn’t make a decision today.
600m row/5 thrusters/200m run/10 thrusters/200m run/6 thrusters/200m run/9 thrusters/200m run/200m row.
Audra I wish I had half your energy! Katie and Anita great work.
Thanks Colin and Evan.

8:27 – 20 thrusters, 800m run, 10 thrusters, 800m row

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