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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Complete 3 rounds for reps of:

1:00 Alternating Dumbbell Ground to Overhead – 50#/35#
1:00 Reverse Unders
1:00 Toes to Bar
1:00 Med Ball Cleans
1:00 Hands on Box Jump Overs – 24”/20”
1:00 REST

Coach’s notes:

Post reps per movement, per round and all totals to comments.

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Comments: 4

Didn’t count reps.
Foot bothering me today so subbed anchored sit-ups for the reverse unders. Did the HOBJO’s rx’d but did most of them off one leg.
DBOH @ 40#
T2B and MBC rx’d
Thanks OG!
Loving the full classes!

Alternating Dumbbell Ground to Overhead – 50#
– 20-23 reps/round
Reverse Unders
– 50-60 reps/rounds
Toes to Bar
– 22ish reps/rounds
Med Ball Cleans
– 20-25 reps/rounds
Hands on Box Jump Overs – 24”
– 45-59 reps/rounds

Blown away with how hard this was. Lots of fun doing movements I haven’t done in 3 months.

Thanks OG, great work 9:30am. Love the full classes!

Hard to grip the bar today!
Started rounds with T2B but scaled to straight legs out/up to work on kipping. 3rd round did v-ups as hands couldn’t take any more!
MB cleans at 12#
DBTOH at 20#
Jump overs using dowel anchored on 24” box
Reverse unders were bad in R1 but dialed in R2&3.

Lots of laughs this morning! Level 6am!
Welcome Brandy 🙂

Goal: Focus on technique and let my body continue to adapt to the high intensity I’ve been missing for months. Embrace the process over going for the win.

Overall Result: hand grip, shoulder and core are reactivating. Some shoulder pain. Feels like strength and virtuosity will come back in a couple of weeks or so. Head felt kinda foggy. I’m a little tired but I’m very happy with how I’m easing back into 5 to six WODs per week.

Alternating Dumbbell Ground to Overhead – 30#
10/side on average. Movement and stamina were more important than weight.

Did ok. Averaging 15-20 before flubbing it and starting again.

Toes to Bar (modified knee raises)
10/8/5/2/2/2 x 3
Grip strength and shoulder pain/stability issues.

Med Ball Cleans
Felt sluggish. 10 reps average. Legs blowing up.

Hands on Box Jump Overs – 24”
Performed of the end of box to avoid injury. Sloppy but did better than expected.
30 on average. Height suffered in last 10 reps of third set. Not much rebound strength. No surprise there.

Thanks for the great warm up and coaching OG.

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