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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

5 rounds for time:

24 Medicine Ball Cleans

12 Push Jerk

Coach’s notes:  Guys use 20 lbs for the med ball cleans and gals use 14 lbs.  For the push jerk, guys use 135 lbs and gals use 95 lbs.  Post time to complete to comments.

Comments: 26

Scaled the workout due to shoulder injury. Used 95 lbs for push jerk. Just about knocked myself out while warming up by hitting my chin with the bar…mental note move head when driving bar up. Total time for 5 rounds = 9:10

Scaled back to 65# for PJ…time – 16:00

14 lb med ball
Scaled to 70 lbs for PJ

21:00 – 14lb med ball and PJ scaled to 65lb. I need to work on my shrug for my cleans and just plain coordination for my PJ (felt weak, slow and dizzy today). Erin and Chantel, you two are machines way to go!

5 rounds in 13 minutes.

I had to scale the Push Jerks (first time doing them!) to 85lbs (95lbs first round) and the heaviest ball available was 15 pounds.

16:56 as rx’d…push jerks felt heavy today…couldnt quite get a solid pace with them…nice work today Katie…great push at the end!!!

16:21 as Rx’d.

15:25 as rx’d…need to work on high rep push jerks…went too fast and last rhythm..

*lost* rhythm…

26:15 with 115# bar…and 20# ball. A lot harder then i thought it was going to be. Thanks hulk for the impromptu coaching.

16# ball
95# push jerk

26:09 scaled significantly (recovering from back injury). Used 10lb MB and 45lb bar for PJ.

Worked on form and scaled weight to 65Ibs.


22:34, with 105/85/85/85/85 on the bar.

14lb med ball
PJ scaled to 65lbs

12# med ball
60.5# push jerk

*Amy, would you mind sharing more of your food journey with me? You definitely got me interested. kat@nacragencies.com *

14# med ball (thanks to Krista :P), scaled to 65# for jerk

30:20 as rx’d. This was pretty disappointing compared to the May 18th workout. I think the cleans affected my jerk more than the runs did, as my form didn’t seem to improve through the workout. I missed a couple early lifts where my back arched too much, and it may have made me nervous to catch a bit lower.

Congrats to Alvaro for beating me! Oh wait, weren’t you doing split jerks? I don’t think I can count that as rx’d. Next time follow the instructions! 😉

I think 25:09, correct me if i’m wrong Cory.

Need some practice…

27:51 as rx’d 🙂 I am not going to argue! The watch doesn’t lie.
Cory remember to give some thought to the Aromas adventure. alvaro.vasquez@shaw.ca

It was heavy!

27:51 as rx’d I am not going to argue! The watch doesn’t lie.
Cory remember to give some thought to the Aromas adventure. alvaro.vasquez@shaw.ca


I sympathize with the cleans affecting the jerks…I did not feel like I had the hip drive needed to get the weight up with lots of speed…oh well I guess that is why Brett put them in their….

Alvaro….90 reps of 135lb jerks in 2days is a lot…great job!

*there* not their…

17:49, with 85 lbs-harder than it looks…

Bootcamp as part of a corporate event
Included 80 pushups, 40 burpies, 100 sit-ups, lunges, etc.

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