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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

For time:

Run 200 m

Run 400 m

Run 800 m

Run 400 m

Run 200 m

Coach’s notes:  You have the full hour to complete this WOD.  Rest as you see fit between sets.  Post time for each run and total to comments.

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Comments: 14

0:40 / 2:02 / 4:50 / 2:05 / 0:42

:34.59 / 1:24.31 / 3:02.94 / 1:23.16 / :32.19… hill was tuff! quads feel better after though!

Total time…8:49

It felt a little odd having trouble walking after the past two days and then voluntarily coming to a running class… :38/1:43/3:52/1:43/:36 Strangely though, my legs feel a little better.

Made today a strength day instead.
Box squats 5x5x135
1 – 1/4 squats 4x5x155
Shoulder press, singles @ 125
Planche progression (tuck) practice, 5×3-5 seconds.

Stacey and I did RANDY…75 power snatch for time, 6:20 and 6:10, Thanks Brett–still feeling effects of all of those *&^% med balls on monday and Staceys Killer wod from yesterday too!

Track was closed so I had to try it on a treadmill… It was weird.

200m: 1:02
400m: 1:49
800m: 3:28
400m: 2:18
200m: 0:50

Neil – 0:36/1:36/no time for 800m lost count of number of times around tree and back/1:40/0.38
Judy – incorporated POSE into some of my runs

0:38 ? (stopwatch didn’t start-lousy fingers!)

First POSE lesson tonight, so I tried to incorporate it into the runs.

0:32/1:24/3:22/1:22/0:30 = 7:10


Total run time: 6:13

My quads were pretty fried from Monday, but the runs still felt okay. I’m looking forward to a rest day tomorrow though!

800m run felt really long. Time sure reflects that!


I tried POSE and it felt awkward, awkward like your first steps awkward…awkward like your first kiss…maybe i’m just awkward….hmmmm

Stairs were the enemy today, so I was not up to sprints, plus my dad was in town which was a good excuse not to make my way to CF.

Instead warmed up with 2x 800m run to make Brett happy. 3:15 and 2:53.

Press 45×10, 65×3, 75×3, 85×3, 95×3, 105×2+F, 105×3 (PR for reps), 110F, 110F.

Then did 5 rounds
20 pushups
20 bench dips
30 situps.

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