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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

4 rounds for times:

800 m run

25 Wallballs

Rest 3:00

Coach’s notes:  Post times to comments.

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Check out the main site and the video, CFC is well represented.
Way to go Calgary!

As rx’d…29:21 (3 @ 3 min rest). It’s good to back in the saddle (during Stampede no less).

Can you post the link to the video – that would be great!
Definitely want to check out CF Calgary!

6.16, 7.48, 8.01, 7.36

didn’t get to full squat on a lot of my wallballs.

spent the day at foothills park (11:15-1:30pm). Long warm up followed by 5 x 80m accelerations on the grass then 5 x 60m on the track. Put the spikes on and did 2 x 60m at about 75% and noticed a twinge in the right adductor…I’ve felt this before in my track days so smart enough now to pack it in at that point. Finished the workout with
med ball overhead tosses for 1 length of field then returned with med ball overhead walking lunges back to the other side and 50 med ball cleans and 50 dbl unders. Not timed though just having fun playing in the sun! No place to do wall balls though

I’ll be away from any barbell for 2 weeks soon so I’m doing back squats, shoulder press and deadlifts for the rest of the week.
Today 5×5 back squat
157×5, 177×5, 187×5, 197×5, 197×5, 207×1

Whenever you get a break – look out! This one made us sweat.
Rick with 12 lb ball 4:27, 4:57, 5:17, 4:57
Adelle with 10lb ball 6:13, 6:36, 6:00, 6:06

Congrats to all those that competed at the games!

20lb ball

R1: 3:42
R2: 4:19
R3: 4:53 (had a good stitch here)
R4: 4:44 (really good stitch here but got through it)

All wall ball sets were unbroken…I think that is a first for me…this was a challenging WOD…

Neil: Row & 20 lb med ball 5:20, 5:24, 5:55, 5:35
Judy: Row & 8 lb med ball 5:48, 5:55, 6:17, 6:08

As Rx’d

as rx’d:
good push everyone at 8pm class

14 lb. ball
5:00, 6:40, 6:05, 5:39

The last round would have been over six minutes if JP and Michelle hadn’t urged me on. Thanks.

WOD in class used 10lb
timing not sure 🙂
First round maybe 5:48?? I finished with Judy
5:45, 6:19, 5:51
Was feeling tired again tonight…good push from everyone.
Great work 8pm class!!

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