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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

As Many Rounds As Possible (AMRAP) in 24 minutes of:

5 Muscle-ups (rings or bar)
10 Hand Release Push-ups
20 Medicine Ball Box Step Overs – 24”/20” with 20#/14#

Coach’s notes:

Post rounds and reps complete to comments.

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Comments: 6

9 Rounds + 4 MU. Did jumping bar muscle ups which was a nice way to keep the pace. Pushups, AS USUAL, started to slow down and became the limiting movement. Box step overs were just a hop and scootch up and down and I just kept the pace going. That was a sweaty mess. Thank Zak! Awesome job 9am.

Wowzers, it seems like each WOD now has its own way of taking advantage of me. I thought I was mitigating things appropriately, breaking push-ups into 2 sets, but somehow the muscle-ups went good until they wanted to stop in round 5 ……..I think. Anywho, fun WOD, great class Zac.
8 rounds + 6 push-ups. I started on the push-ups.

Rx: 9 rounds + 30 reps (10 HRPU and 20 step overs, I started on the HRPU)

I did everything I could make sure I kipped every muscle up, I didn’t want to fail those. Did sets of 5 till about round 4 or 5, then did sets 3/2 for the rest. Focused on rings to my hips and fast transitions.

Did all the HRPU unbroken, kept moving the med ball around to try to make the pain go away.

Great programming Brett. Thanks Zak! Great work 9:30am.

6 rounds + 2BMU
Yikes! Not too speedy tonight, although I think Bryan took one of my LEGO counters when I wasn’t looking…..😝

Any ground I gained on jumping BMU before the closure is gone. Had them down to 25”. Tonight I struggled with 30.
Push ups were down on toes, cobra up.
Box step overs rxd.

Thanks Shannon

Started with the MBBSOs…
7 rounds + 33 reps (scaled the box height to 20” cus I’m short)
Probably paced this one a little too much, but that said I can’t see where I could have made up much time. Did all the BMUs unbroken except for one round that I broke up 3/2, and of course I tore on the last rep…HRPUs broke down quickly and went from unbroken to 5/5 to 4/3/3 to 3/3/2/2 by the end.

Thanks Shannon!

that was a good sweaty event,
started with the Push-ups,
so, 7 rounds + 4 Push-ups
24 box 14# WB
green band for Bar to stomach,-my shoulder was not interested in turning these into Muscle Ups, so I did not.
good work by everyone at the 630 pm class
Thanks Coach Shannon, appreciate you taking care of us!

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