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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

7 rounds for time(s) of:


Run 400m
10 Toes to Bar
10 Power Snatch – 95#/65#
REST as prescribed below

*If your first set is 2:30 or less, rest 3:30.  If your first set is 2:31 to 3:30, rest 3:00.  If your first set is 3:31+, rest 2:30.  Stop once you reach 7 sets or until your set time increases by 30s or more.

Coach’s notes:

Post time per set and number of sets complete to comments.

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Comments: 8

Wow what a great comparison! Last time I did 7 rounds at 3:30 average. Today I just went for it and started my first round at 2:29. So, you know…setting the bar a little higher today. Made it 5 rounds and then lost the game by 1 second. Times are: 2:29, 2:24, 2:36, 2:49, and 3:00. It was actually my grip that gave up – couldn’t hold on to the snatch bar for more than 2’s at a time at the end. T2B were also getting weak and had to break them up.

Amazing work today everyone!

TTB unbroken
Power snatch 75#, first 3rounds unbroken and then 3 at 6/4, final round unbroken
Thanks Derek M

Honestly I was terrified of this WOD and it lived up to my prognosis……I am happy to never do this one again.
1. 2:24
2. 2:22
3. 2:28
4. 2:32
5. 2:36
6. 2:41
7. 2:41
Ended up 19s slower than my best round (2nd), so managed to keep it under the 30s threshold.

33:45 total (21:45 working, 2 min rest/round) compared to 22:15 working on July 9.

Thanks Derek!

This really hurt. The heat wrecked me. Fun to push though! Oh, it was also a complete tactical disaster. I was way too eager for that 3:30 of rest. Totally didn’t keep to the purpose of this WOD. Brett said to go hard, so I did. when I blew it, Brett said to just keep going and do the 7 rounds, so I did. And I hated it both ways 😂. Worked at 75# because that’s what I did a few weeks back when we did the other variation of this.
Total time was 42:36, and TWT 21:36 (I think, I was delirious looking at the clock in the last round and don’t remember for sure, but I think it was something like that. 42 something anyway).
Rounds were:
2:13, 2:24, 3:05, 3:25, 3:27, 3:32, 3:30??
Ya. Fell off the pace hard hahaha. Or you could say, I just took a while to find it 😉.
(Last time we did this I did: 34:53 Total time. 22:53 TWT. Rounds were: 3:37, 2:55, 3:05, 3:20, 3:27, 3:05, 3:24. So I think this time was overall better still!)

Thanks Brett!

Thought I had sandbagged the first round appropriately – NOPE!
All with 3:00 rest
3:09: Unbroken
3:00: Unbroken
3:10: Unbroken
3:16: Unbroken
4:03: And the wheels fell off the 🚌- 7 T2B and grip left my soul.
4:12: 1 T2B then v-ups then single snatches
3:38: v-ups and single snatches

Managed to wring my shirt out in the parking lot. Wow! 🥵 🥵 🥵

That was WAAAAAAYYYUY spicier than last time…
Snatch @ 55#
Almost all T2B this time with a few high knees.
2:08 faster overall.

Thanks Brett! Well done everyone.

Well, this went much better than the first go round. The extra minute of rest made all the difference. Snatched at 75# again…
24:02 TWT

Thanks Brett!

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