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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

As many rounds in 20 minutes:

10 Squat Cleans – 135#/95#

15 Pull-ups

Coach’s notes:  Post rounds and reps complete to comments.

Important Notice – A reminder that we will have the fantastic opportunity to hear Dr. Chris Herrera, an expert on sleep and performance, speak to our members on Saturday, July 30th from 3:30-4:30 pm. Click here for more details.

Comments: 16

@ Bob Niven Training Centre

5 rds + 3 SC

as rx’d.

7 rnds+3 SC
Did the 1st 2 rnds with 5 strict chin ups but had to change to 10 ring rows in the 3rd b/c I just could not get full extention of the arms with the chin ups. Used 65# for SC. Thanks Ali for switching things up for me it really helped… great coaching!!

5 Rounds + 10 Clean and 4 Pull Ups
62 Lbs. Cleans and Blue and Red Band Pull Ups
Loved it! Came in feeling horrible, left feeling amazing! Thanks DJ. Good push everyone.

Had no energy today, cleans slowed down quickly. 9 rounds + 1 clean thanks DJ.

5 rounds + 5 cleans
Cleans 54lbs, pull-ups with two skinny purple bands
Thanks DJ!

4 rounds plus 1 clean
52# cleans and green band pull-ups

Thanks DJ!

6 rounds minus one pull-up.
42# cleans – looking forward to eventually getting the hang of this.

Thanks DJ! Nice work at 7pm!

Pull-ups with blue/little purple band

5 rounds + 1
This one hurt from the 3rd rep

5 rounds + 10 SC + 5 PU
using 60lbs and a pink band
Thanks DJ!

5 rounds + 6 cleans
Cleans at 54lbs and pull ups with blue + purple band.
Thanks DJ!

4 rounds + 10 SC + 2
75 lbs, kips felt really good tonight.
thanks dj.

3 pull-ups short of 4 rounds (at least I think so – sort of lost track)
42# cleans, pull-ups with blue and pink band…pull-ups really slow me down!
Thanks DJ!

5 rounds + 10 cleans as rx’d- HARD! Chelsea amazing…I wish I had your “no energy”:)
Thanks DJ for the “fun” class!!

5 rounds using pink and blue bands for the first 2 rounds and then switching to a green band and 62# squat clean.

oops, posting late (as in Thursday am!)
7 rounds + 5 SQs… pullups UB first 2 rounds then 10/5×3,then 5’s – felt slow on this wod
Thanks Gord and Mark! great warmups

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