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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

5 rounds for time:

Sprint 200 m

25 back Extensions

Sprint 200 m

25 Jumping Pull Ups

Rest 2:00

Coach’s notes:  Post time for each set and total working time to comments.

Important Reminder – CFC is hosting a gymnastics certification this upcoming weekend and therefore all classes on Saturday July 25 and Sunday July 26 will be cancelled (with the exception of the POSE running class which will run as scheduled).  For more information on the certification click here.

Comments: 12

2:56/3:19/3:26/3:27/3:28 – Felt heavy and slow on the runs.

2:33, 7:16, 12:24, 17:49, 22:47
too tired to figure out round times…

Ever hear of the term “the walking wounded” …about sums it up.
Modified: did the “opposite” of the sprint. Decided to try with the shorter distance (actually didn’t want to row with the pull-ups) 200 seemed good, 400 would have killed.
3:15 / 3:47 / 4:01 / 4:07 / 4:13
Another good workout – thanks, Brett.
And thank god it is a rest day for me tomorrow….

My usual performance arc:
Hey, I’m good/Maybe I’m just average/Maybe I suck/Ya, I suck/Maybe I’m not so bad
Total: 18:32
With rests: 26:32

2:40/2:40/2:50/2:56/2:45 *I may be a bit off on the last one – according to my finish time my last round was 2:31 (ha) that’s quite impossible – so I think I wrote a wrong time at the end ??
Michelle, great class thanks for keeping me going!

Rebecca – sweet!!!!

Judy – 26:44 with rest..too tired to figure out each round

Great class Brett, thanks!



20:59 total time with rests.
1st round 2:20, others I didn’t keep track individually.
Nearly “lost” my recovery drink once I got home…

31:45 total with rests

26:15 including rest time
The back extensions felt really easy today, the jumping pull-ups so-so, and the runs terrible as usual!


21:37 including rest

I tried to do POSE for all the sprints, but I’m pretty sure it stopping looking like it halfway through. I didn’t heel strike for any of it though. Back extensions and jumping pullups were all straight through, so the difference in round times has to have been just from the runs.

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