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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

2 rounds for time:

30 Wallballs – 20#/14#

60 Double Unders

20 Wallballs

40 Double Unders

10 Wallballs

20 Double Unders

Coach’s notes:Β  Post time to complete to comments.

Comments: 17

Fantastic picture! Love it!

Really great photo. Would love to hear the story..

Great picture …namaste!

22:30. 20# Wallballs
Skipping: 1st round did 2x singles / 2nd rd did doubles and counted attempts
First day since I started that I feel I could do more, I’m usually just trying to survive. Next time do doubles for both rounds and do wallballs unbroken.
Thanks 9:30ers for a great class!

That is a great picture, everyone looks so happy!

14:27 as RxD

Shoulders were hurting on this one.

Thanks Michelle!

As rx’d 16:02
Thanks Michelle & Colin

13:12 which felt like 6 days….didn’t like this at all!!! Do stuff you hate…I hate wallballs!
Nice work 5pm class!!!
Love the picture!

26.55 with 20# wall ball.
I think michelle and colin had a similar pose to the picture during my wod i.e. praying for me to finish. Thanks guys for the encouragement.

Did the wod TWICE!!!!
First time 18:53. Shoulders were not warmed up and DU were just not happening
Got really mad, smoked the rope against the blackboard and half way through the second round felt the DU were coming together.
Decided to do it again and even though my legs were very tired and wallballs felt like climbing the Everest, shaved 2 1/2 min. Time: 16:25. Not great but better. Hated the wholle experience

27.24 as rx’d. wall balls were down to singles from the start but Davids poor attempt at double unders kept me motivated to keep moving so i could pass him each round, although he got me in the end. Good work 7pm class!!! Thanks Michelle and Colin.

10:11 as rx’d. Only did the wod once…..and that was enough. Alvaro is officially insane

9:53 as rx’d. Fun wod…thanks DJ for the great coaching and the encouragement…much appreciated!

It is always fun to do a wod with Evan

Aw shucks, you sure know how to make a big guy blush, Alvaro. It’s always a treat woding with you too. You’re probably just wrapping up round three right now….

16:53 as Rx’d, and thanks Michelle for pushing me to do it Rx’d! The DUs actually felt better as the WOD went on, and wallballs felt pretty solid the whole way through.

Great workout Michelle & Colin!

Alvaro…. ???? Really???? But WHY??? It didn’t hurt enough the first time? πŸ™‚

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