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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


32 Back Squat

9 Ring Dips

21 Back Squat

15 Ring Dips

15 Back Squats

21 Ring Dips

9 Back Squats

32 Ring Dips

Coach’s notes:  Guys use 155 lbs and gals 105lbs for back squat.  Post time to complete to comments.

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Comments: 15

as req’d


An intimidating workout!

12:00 as Req

Oh and I am a Bad Timer… Sorry Sofa king

I was getting ready to be a wimp and do bar dips when a fellow crossfitter showed up at the globo gym with rings….Had no excuse left.
As Rx’d
24:28. (7 min to do the set of 32 ring dips)

16:09 sub 98 lb squat and jumping ring dips


Bar dips (one and two at a time).

gord- as rx’d 13:21 (i think)
Laura- as rx’d 20:01

Neil 115 lbs 18:00
Judy 5000m row – 24:01

as rx’d
Ring dips were the big time consumer. Really need to improve my kip on these.

squats as rx’d
Ring dips were negatives – one day I’ll do a full dip!

Scaled to 22lbs bar, as it was my first time doing back squats. Thinking back, I could have handled a few more pounds.
Ring dips: from “locked” position lowered myself as far as I could. Felt a huge stab in my chest after the first few “dips”. Hope I didn’t injure myself…
Time: 19:37

G: 12:43 [straight thru on BS]
K: 36:28

65 lbs for BS and push ups from toes instead of RD.

Oops! the time was 15:35 not 13:35

20:40-75lbs, negative ring dips

25:05 155# and negative ring dips

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