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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Optimum Training Big Dawgs WOD from Jan 13, 2010

5 sets for total working time:
15 unbroken push press
10 burpees
25 unbroken box jumps
rest 2 min

Coach’s notes: Guys use 95 lbs for push press and 20″ box, gals use 65 lbs and 12″ box.  Burpees are to 8″ above 2 hand reach.

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that’s john carrying the torch!

Thanks captian obvious

Kris I mean that in the kindest way possible

That’s a great photo John! Were you running pose style?;)

Awesome John!!!! How great for you!!!

Way to go John!!

By the way this WOD is a mental challenge for sure!

Great pic! What an amazing experience that must have been John!!!

Way to go John!! Beautiful picture and amazing part of history!

Katie….no pose style. I need more practice ;).

Thank you everyone for the kind words! I am so grateful to be part of the Crossfit family! 🙂

The run was easy compared the WOD.

Scaled to 65 Ibs for the Push Press and used a 18″ box.

Total time: 20:22
Total time minus rest time: 12:22

John, congratulations!! HOW EXCITING!!!!!
did strength wod 1 homework, then 3 rounds (scaled down from 5) as rx’d 1:39/1:58/1:53 *this was a good(hard) wod – box jumps toughest for me*
Nice work to 9:30 class! Thanks Kris!! and Michelle for the pushes to keep going!

got this one in yesterday… but overlooked the 8″ jump on the burpees… although i did my burpees with a jump, it was for sure not 8″. learned alot from doing this WOD!

Round 1: 2:04 with unbroken 65lbs PP and broken 20″ box jumps
Round 2: 2:32 with 65lbs PP only 12 reps unbroken and broken 18″ box jumps
Round 3: 2:27 with unbroken 45lbs PP and broken 18″ box jumps
Round 4: 2:08 with unbroken 45lbs PP and unbroken 12″ box jumps
Round 5: 2:01 with unbroken 45lbs PP and unbroken 12″ box jumps
Total working time 11:12

Scaled to 35lbs PP, 13″ box jump and burpees were barely a jump
12:50 total working time

Note to self: Could have gone heavier on the PP – at least 37 lbs maybe 42.

note: box jumps slightly broken – like a second or so pause – hopefully not too long!

1:28/1:28/1:23/1:26/1:24 Total working time 7:09 as rx’d. Great job Shawn and Chantel. Thanks DJ, fun class (and by fun I mean I felt completely ill afterwards!!)

Congrats John, that is a great picture.

1:43/1:54/2:02/2:33/2:50 = 11:01 working time

I did my best, but it was not quite as rx’d. I did not fully lock out my 15th PP on round 4, and for round 5 I could only manage 14 PP before having to set the bar down. The box jumps were all unbroken.

Neil – 65 lb PP, 14″ box jumps
2:31/2:35/2:49/2:45/3:24 = 14:06 total working time
Did all rds unbroken except for a few stumbles with the box jumps. Should increase PP to 75 lbs next time.
Judy – 32 lb PP, 7.5 box jumps – all rds broken (poor balance on box jumps)
2:31/2:45/3:05/3:01/2:49 – 14:11 total working time

65# push press
18″ box jump for first round and was broken. Tried 18″ for the second round only got 10 so dropped to 12″ for rounds 2 to 5.
Total Time: 19.18, work time 11.18.

2:15 (Broken box jumps 15-10)
2:16(Broken box jumps 21-4)
2:17(Broken box jumps 8-7-10)

total = 10:25

Didn’t realize i like breaking my box jumps so much.

17:35 total time, 9:35 working time.
Had to double dip on the 9th and 14th on the pp on the fifth round, all others unbroken. All box jumps unbroken. Burpees sucked
Awesome workout. Thanks for the box jump tips Kris

Great effort tonight by everyone!!

Oh my; major scaled WOD!
PP @ 42# (rounds 1-3 unbroken, round 4 broken once at 10, round 5 unbroken until 10 reps and then singles)
Box jumps (rounds 1 & 4 unbroken; 2,3 & 5 broken 1-3 times due to lost balance)
1:45/2:00/2:25/2:42/2:53 – total working time 11:45

Most of the time on burpies
box was 21″

PP scaled to 45# for first 4 sets (set 3 and 4 broken)
Scaled set 5 to 33#

total working time = 11:50

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