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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Wednesday, February 18, 2015


A.            3 Rounds for time:

                50 Sledge Hammer Strikes (25 per side)

                50 Handstand Walk

B.            50 Strict Pull-ups for time.

C.            “Annie” – compare to Friday, April 4, 2014

 Coach’s notes:  Complete in any order.  Post results for all sets to comments.

Comments: 8

C. 6:49
B. 7:34
A. practiced kicking up to holds and walking towards wall. kind of forgot about the strikes….
Back squat 5,5,5,5,5
135/145/155/165/170 – should have tried 175.
16 rounds on bike, 20 sec on, 10 sec off (3 min rest half way through).
thanks Jason

30:03 total time.
A). 10 minutes, 10 lb hammer, 5 HS wall walks per round.
After that forgot to keep an eye on the clock.
B). First 10 PU unbanded. Next 25 with 1 red band, last 15 2 red bands.
Modified Annie to high jumping singles, but did managed to get some sets of 8 DU’S. And then did hanging T2B, 5 per round.
Thanks Jason

A) Deadlift work up to a heavy 2. Stopped at 285# as my back was starting to round.
B) death by thrusters 75# 14 rounds + 13 reps. Should have made 15 rds.
C) 30 strict chest to ring pull-ups

A) press 2×5 95#
B) 50 sit-ups

Thanks Jay and Derek

B. 4:46
C. 5:34 subbed 3 wall walks for HSW
D. 6:20

Thanks Michelle

At WHC in Edmonton:
Worked to a “3rd rep was kinda tough” back squat as it has been awhile. Got to 275. All metal plates, no platforms and no safety bars so shut it down rather than cheat movement or get kicked out.

Annie: 8:03. DUs fast and unbroken. Had to keep pushing my gut out of the way on situps.

A little embarrassed but getting back on track.

C. 8:47, 3 min PR!
B. Did 25 unassisted, didn’t time it.
A. Only did 2 rounds, around 5 min.
Thanks Michelle!

Westside Rec
C) 7:01 pr. DU unbroken. Sit-ups not so much.

Then that front squat death workout from last Wednesday.
22min of hell failed rep 10 on the 14 and had to start again. Then failed on rep 7 on the 10 as I did not rest enough.


C. 9:16 (2:05 min PR)
A: used 10# hammer – time for SHS 1:47/1:45/1:43 then practiced wall walks each round.
B. 12 Negatives unbanded then 38 reps with skinny blue band – very slow no time to report
Michelle is so caring thanks for the coaching and support tonight!!
Thanks Ken for giving me the Bro rep on that one PU and getting me to the end.

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