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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

As Many Rounds as Possible (AMRAP) in 20 minutes of:

3 Power Snatch – 135#/95#
6 Chest to Bar Pull-ups
9 V-ups
12 Reverse Double Unders

Coach’s notes:

Post rounds and reps complete to comments.

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Comments: 12

10 rds plus 1 snatch
Did 20 singles and then a few doubles each round. Best round was a set of 5 or 6 doubles.
Thanks Derek

10 rounds + 4 reps (3 snatch + 1 C2B)
Scaled load to 115#
Scaled RDU’s to 24 singles
C2B unbroken except for round 8
Thanks T!

Made a rare appearance at 9am.
6 rounds+ 3 snatch + 3 C2B
Reverse Single Unders
C2B and v-ups rxd.

Pro tip: put your v-up mat under your pull up bar that way you can fall right into the v ups. 😉

Great to see the 9am Crew.

Thanks Tania.

And for once it wasn’t me who made the chalk mess. 😜

6 rounds + 3 snatch
This workout was really hard for me! Shoulders were fatigued after Tues TT 😬

Snatch was at 45# for 4 of 6 rounds, 33# for 2 rounds to remind myself I could do them!
C2B – a combination of blue band, kipping singles (no band) for 4 rounds and then blue + red band for last 2 rounds
Reverse unders were mostly singles (24) with double attempts including one rope to forehead hit!

Thanks for the “encouragement” Derek M – always appreciated! Good work 6am class – lots of hustle today!

65# Snatch
Ring Rows
V-ups for 4 rounds, then bent knees
24 Reverse Single Unders

8 rounds + 3 snatch and 6 ring rows.

Last snatch in every round was pretty ugly.

Thanks T for pushing me to do the more challenging weight. 😀 Great work 9 a.m.

C2B bandless singles
Vups no touch
String of 2 singles, 1 double
6 + 3

One set of reverse unders short of 10 rounds. Did 24 reverse singles with 1-2 DU attempts every round. Snatches at 115#. Whipped myself in the eye on last set of skipping so that was awesome. Made a frustrating movement even more frustrating… lol.
Otherwise fun. C2B all butterflies. Man, still sore from Friday / Monday. Slow recovery.
Thanks Zajk!

105#, Banded C2B, V ups, reverse singles
9 + 2 snatches

Still quite sore from Sunday and Monday.
Solid attitude and pointers Zak!

9 rounds even
All movements rx except did 24 reverse singles
Thanks zak

This is why Glassman stated, “regularly learn and play new sports” (skills).
Quite honestly, I have never been so negatively impacted in a WOD. I choose to scale reverse double unders to 6 per round………..obviously, I am unaware of my abilities in this new domain. The first round took me approximately 90s to get my 6 reps, round 2 was as long or worse. It was not until I realized in round 3 that I needed to focus on getting singles and some rhythm before even attempting the doubles. Simply overestimated my abilities today.
The second major point I want to mention is that the rest of this WOD, which is comprised of relatively easy movements and loads for me, became disastrous. The level of fatigue that I carried into these movements due to my inefficiency in the reverse double unders was, well, quite simply, astounding. I struggled (as in HARD) throughout this entire WOD simply due to the taxing effect of being horribly inefficient at the skipping. I will be staying at on appropriate level for me next time (single reverse unders), until I become more competent or have the time to set aside to work on these, geeeeeeeezuuuuuzzz.

Unsure of rounds, same as Nick and 1-2 rounds short of Derek M., I believe.

11 rounds even
Snatch @ 115#
Scaled RDU’s to 24 reverse singles

Embraced the mantra: Slow is smooth & smooth is fast

Good turn out for 7pm, well done everyone!
Thanks Z!

I want to say 11-13 rounds Rx

I thought I was going to scale the RDU to 6 a round, but after the 1st round I found my rhythm and was nailing all 12 RDU unbroken. All other move (except the PC (which were singles)) were unbroken for the rest of the wod.

Thanks Tania! Great work 10am

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