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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

30 Muscle-Ups for Time

  Coach’s notes:  Post time to complete to comments. 

Compare to November 17, 2008 

Holiday Schedule:

Wednesday December 24th classes at 10am and 11am only – no evening classes.

Thursday December 25th – no class.

Friday December 26th  to 30th  – classes as usual.

Wednesday December 31st – 10am,11am,12pm – no evening class.

Thursday January 1st – class as usual


Comments: 11

With lots of support from the rest of the class I managed to squeeze out 15 in about 20 minutes before failing.

Great Job Jeff!

Got 9 or 10 bar muscle ups. Did not have the time or stamina to try for 30.
Thanks Brett, for encouraging me to keep going. I was about to give up when I started failing repeatedly.

Happy New Year CrossFitters!!!

7:39 (last time 7:53)

First 10 in 2 min, 21 MU at 4:10….then down hill from there….last 9 in 3:29! I just gassed…I failed on about 3 MU’s and just felt tired…still better than last time and no skin tears!!

Congrats Laura!!! Seeing you do 30 MUs in just over 10 mins was outstanding and inspirational!

Gord…great work as well!!

Gord- 5:27
Thanks for the encouragement.
Thanks Mike for counting and manning the watch!!
Steve G – I think we did well because of the lucky rings we used

Congrats on the great work on the muscle ups today everyone! You are all inspirational!!!!

and lots of tears! Good reminders while writing down my resolutions this year I think,

Great work today everyone and Happy New Year!

G; 9:30
K; subbed in 3 CU & 1 dip = 1 MU
time = 16:45

Awesome work all on the Muslce ups! Inspirational to say the least.
You have all set the bar very high for 2009, let’s get it on!

Happy New Year

Oh yes the lucky rings…Perhaps next time you guys can share…wait…Laura you used the same rings as me…I think it was just hard work…great effort today…now next time you have to get sub 10 min 🙂

Happy New Year Everyone…

Last time 15:19. Wanted sub 10 bad, but failed hard on the last couple reps.

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