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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Part 1) Shoulder Press 3,3,3

Part 2) Push Press 2,2,2

Part 3) Push Jerk 1,1,1

Coach’s notes: Rest as needed. Post loads to comments.

Comments: 10

SPX3: 75/80/82.5(2)
PPX2: 85/95/105
PJX1: 120/130/135

SPx3 55/60/65 (1)failed. this is my worst lift. weak right shoulder.
PPx2 65/70/75
PJx1 80/85/90 these felt more like PP’s. my timing was off.

SP X 3: 75,85,90, 92.5(1) *new PB@1 rep here
PP x 2: up to 110(2) 115(1)
PJ x 1: 85,95,105,115,120 out of time (as it was stayed late!!)
Thanks Brett! liked this class!

After doing Starting Strength for the past month on the side, I was interested to push for a 1RM shoulder press. So once I finished that I didn’t try as hard on the other lifts… 🙂

SP 105/115/120

My previous 1RM was 120, so after getting 3 at that I continued and got 2 at 125 and 1 at 130. I felt like more was possible, but I was happy with the 10# improvement.

PP 145/155/165(f on the second rep)

165 should have been manageable, but my previous 1RM was 160, so it was still an improvement.

PJ 145/165/175/185(f)

I thought 185 was doable as well, but then I remembered that I have usually switched to split jerk by that weight.

SPx3 115,135,145
PPx2 165,185,195 failed first rep: pushed the bar out a little instead of straight up
PJ x1 195,205, 215(sort of, bit of a press to lock it out)

SP-75/80/85×2 failed third attempt
Did not do PJ as I had to leave.
Great work today Krista and Cory it looks like you had a good day today too – way to go!
Thanks Brett!

Worked up to 87.5 on SP, 110 on PP (have done more so was a bit disappointed with this) and 125 on PJ. Thanks Brett. Great job everyone in the 9:30am class.

PJ–135/145/155×1 these need work in a supervised class
hammy a little beter

SP – 55/60/62.5
PP – 65/70/72.5
PJ – 65/75/80×2 failed attempts
Katie, Chelsea and Krista you guys are so strong.

SP 82.5 lbs x 3
PP 115 lbs x 2
PJ 120 lbs x 1… couldn’t break thru to higher numbers, failed at 125lbs 3x

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