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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

For time:

75 Knees to Elbows

+ Shoulder Press

  Coach’s notes: Start with you knees to elbows and perform as many as you can.  As soon as you break and each time you have to break up the set of 75 K to E’s, perform 20 shoulder press.  Load for the shoulder press is 75lbs for guys and 45 for gals.  Post the total time to complete and the number of sets of shoulder press completed.

Holiday Schedule:

Wednesday December 24th classes at 10am and 11am only – no evening classes.

Thursday December 25th – no class.

Friday December 26th  to 30th  – classes as usual.

Wednesday December 31st – 10am,11am,12pm – no evening class.

Thursday January 1st – class as usual


Comments: 12

As rx’d – 12:44

K2E – 35/15/16/9

10:03 w 4 Shoulder Press Sets
Merry Christmas Everyone!


Knees weren’t quite to elbows yet but better than before (work in progress) & scaled back to 35# for shoulder press.

17:31 w/ 6 sets of shoulder press…have a Blessed Christmas to all of you, also.

45 lbs for shoulder presses – that was lots – was down to sets of 2 or 3 at the end.
K2E: 30/16/12/12/5

4 sets of shoulder press

20lbs for shoulder press. 6 sets.

G; 7:38 40/55/68/75
K; 11:23 23/x/x/68/75

G; 7:38 40/55/68/75
K; 11:23 28/45/57/68/75

22:13 and 160 shoulder presses!!

4 sets of shoulder press scalled to 65lbs

9:26 33/48/63/75

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