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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

As Many Rounds As Possible (AMRAP) in 20 minutes of:

12 Cal Row
12 GHD Sit-ups
12 Triple Unders

Coach’s notes:

Post rounds and reps complete to comments.

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Comments: 13

11 cals shy of 7rnds
Did 36 singles with odd double attempt thrown in instead of triples
4 rnds of GHD’s started to get a thumping headache and dizzy so switched to V sits for remainder

Thanks Josh

Crossfit Fernie
A. Build to heavy 2 back squat @20×0 tempo then 5 sets @90% x 2 every 2.5 minutes…took the seniors discount @220#
B. 5 rounds :
100 double unders…sucked
15 pull-ups
15 push press @ seniors discount – 95#
= 19:02

6 rnds + GHD’s & 2 DU’s (DU’s attempts instead of TU’s). Good news was that I did 22 DU’s unbroken in the warm up, which is a PR for me! Only got between 5 – 8 in the WOD.
Great big 9 am class was good to see.
Thanks Josh!

7 rounds+2 cals
subbed 36 DUs
“flipping” the GHD machine cue was huge! First time I haven’t fried my lower back doing these.

Thanks Josh!

7 rounds plus 12 cal row
Scaled triple unders to 24 double unders
Great work 7 am!
Thanks Josh!

6 rounds plus 12 cal row plus 1 GHD SU
Managed to string 2 triples unders together in warm up …first time ever!
Did 1 to 2 triples each round and 30-36 DUs (depending on how many triples done)
Thanks Josh!

9 rounds even in open gym.

Did 3 DUs for TUs
Did 2 rounds of 12 GHDs, 6 rounds of 6 GHDs/6 sit-ups, 1 round of 12 sit-ups. (60 total GHDs)

7 rounds plus 6 calories. Scaled triple unders for 36 double unders and one TU attempt every 12 DU. Thanks for a great warm up, josh!

Scaled division:
7 rounds + 4 cals
12 cal row
36 DU
12 parallel GHD (First 2 rounds were lower but then adjusted based on feel)

Did a few TUs in warmup but decided to go for excess cardio in the 20min.

Thanks Michelle and Jay!

Joined a bunch of people for the CF Invictus 12 days of Xmas Wod.
1 300m row
2 Power Snatch 155/105
3 thrusters 155/105
4 MU
5 burpees
6 T2B
7 C2B pull-ups
8 KB Swings 3pd/2pd
9 box jumps 30/24
11 ground to overhead
12 manmakers 55#/35# DB
54:50 awesome work everyone that was a long one!!!!
At the hall did an extra 100 burpees ( 4 sets of 25) for the challenge
50 Hollow Rocks

7 rounds plus 12 calories and 10 GHD
Did 36 DU for triple unders
Thanks Michelle!

11 GHD sit ups into eighth round.
For skipping part did 30 DU and attempted a triple after each 10 DU. Hit probably 2 out of 3 of the triple unders but it was a full stop each time and had to restart.
Looking forward to doing more crossfit over this Christmas break.
Thanks Michelle for the coaching. Nice work Wally.

5 or 6 rounds I can’t remember , the last round I finished all Ghd sit ups , double unders and 6 cal .
Loved that wod. Thanks Michelle and jay
Merry Christmas Crossfit peeps ! Wishing you all a healthy and fit 2016 🙂

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