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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Wednesday, December 2, 2009



As many rounds in 20 minutes of:
25 Unbroken Double Unders

Compare to August 15, 2009

Coach’s notes:  Guys weight for the SDLHP is 95 lbs. and 65 lbs. for gals.  The double unders must be completed in one set each round.  In other words if you miss completing 25 double unders in a row, you must repeat that set of double unders before: you move on to the SDLHP.  SDLHP sets can be broken.  Post number of rounds + reps complete to comments.

Comments: 11

As Rx’d….finally!
5 rounds + 25 double unders.

5 rounds, DUs broken. Excellent work Sarah!

6 rounds, DU’s very broken. Way to go, Sarah!!!

As rx’d – 6 rounds + 19 DU
It sucks when you get to 23 and 24 and have to start over.
Thanks Brett I enjoyed that class!

65lbs for SDLHP and broken DU’s.
7 rounds + 14 unbroken DU’s
The DU’s are coming along. I did 20 unbroken ones in set 6. I finally felt a rhythm to them.

12 rounds + 21 DUs as rx’d.

All DUs were unbroken. The sumos got heavy fast, and were mostly broken 6-5-4. Strangely enough, my fingertips are more sore than anything else from that workout…

Neil – not sure if I was at the start of round 5 or 6 – finally starting to string together DU’s
Judy – 7 rounds + 6 DU’s – 42 lbs for SDLHP and broken DU’s

7 rounds + 15 DU’s as Rx’d

Great for learning the DU’s i cant say i am good at them but after today and failing like 100 of them i am getting better and better, cory watch out next time

9 rounds + 25 DUs + 5 SDLHP.
DU’s felt great, no trips. SDLHP got heavy quickly as expected.

9 rounds + 21 DU’s @ 55# for SDLHP
All sets of DU’s unbroken. Tried 65# in the warm-up, but it felt way too heavy.
(Last time: 8 rounds + 25 DU’s @ 45# SDLHP)

6 rounds as Rx’d
I swear, on that 4th round, I must have done at least 130 DU’s to finally get 25 unbroken. Was forced to learn some finer points of DU’s in order to finally get them down better.

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