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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

150 Burpees for time


Coach’s notes: Chest must touch the floor, hips must fully extend at the top and you must leave the ground (jump) for every rep.  Post time to complete to comments. 




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26:56 (i really hate those)

21:15 … ugh Burpees!

Sooooo sore after yesterdays squats!!


I felt a little sloppy at the end but I beat my last time of 20:50

Rick 13:58
Adelle 15:47 Plus 2 Pull Ups!! Yippee!

It felt better to keep going than it did to take breaks.

Laura-13:37- did it @ 5:30 this morning at opt

Neil: 17:49
Judy: 20:45
Thanks Michelle and Mike for your support!!

9:19…last time 10:26

I honestly did not expect get sub 10 min…I told myself I was only going to go 70-80% effort and hoping for 13-15 min range….I did sets of 15 and 10 with short breaks in b/w…YAY Burpees (at least it was not squats…)

I also did some strict muscle ups and a strict L-muscle up (done with a L-pull up) – Derek and Mike were witnesses 🙂

I also want to wish everyone at Crossfit Calgary happy holidays…I am off to Vancouver to visit my mom for a week and will be back on the 28th…I am sure I will do CFC WODs during this time so I will post…

16:48 I was shooting for 17:00
good work everyone

More substituting….I’m getting tired of substituting…
Instead did 7rnds of:
20 push jerks (65#)
20 sit ups

Great job on the 150 burpees everyone!!!

G: 9:52
K: 14:49



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