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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Wednesday, December 12, 2007



Pull ups

Push ups

Sit ups


Coach’s notes:  Today’s Tabata intervals are the usual 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off performed for 8 intervals.  In other words do 20 seconds of pull-ups followed by 10 seconds of rest and repeat 8 times.  Then go immediately into push-ups, 20s on 10s off for 8 rounds, followed by sit-ups and finally squats.  Record the total repetitions for each exercise as well as the total for all exercises to comments.



Comments: 4

CrossFit Oahu was fun. Dale and Paige went and met some great people.
Lunges (D – 30lb dbs, P-15lb dbs), handstand pushups, burpee chin ups, 20sec L-sit
Dale – 23:07, Paige 27ish… I can’t remember what my time was.
Alvaro will be happy to know that I finally ripped the skin on my left hand doing the burpee chinups.
Brian is the owner/trainer. Great workout!! I took photos 🙂
Can’t wait to get back to it in Calgary. Love the saying on one of the shirts…”Go get Some, Go Again”

Hola desde Argentina
Doing workouts everyday as suggested by James and adding some runs at the beach!!!
Way to go Paige! Keep up the hard work. I am not giving any advantages this vacations. Maybe not eating perfectly though!

Dale – Paige — great job once again on the workouts. Can’t wait to see the pictures. Assume the run went well as well.
Alvaro — congrats on keeping up the workouts, that takes determination (or people you need to get away from for a while!) Just kidding! Great scenery.
Nice to see Crossfit Calgary being represented so well.

Did this workout last night. Had an extra set of squats thrown in (you all know Brett’s idea of fun!) hence the extra number.
114 / 39 (jumping pull-ups) / 72 / 88 / 121 = 434

Did the workout (with Yvette-now I know who No Excuses is) last night at the 730 class:

Squats: 99
Pull up: 18 (kipping)
Push up: 70
Sit ups: 96
Squats: 114

Did you do the Marathon yet Paige?? GOOD LUCK!

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