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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

100 Burpies


Coach’s notes:  Burpies for today are chest to deck and jumping to a point 6” above reach.  Post time to complete to comments.


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As Rx’d
6:57 (7:14 last time)
10 min rest, then:
Back squat 5-5-5-5-5 (177-187-197-197-197)



good work Pierre. In future though you should do the strength stuff first which will warm you up well for the rest. We’ll do that in classes today with OHS, snatch, cleans etc. then the burpies.


Burpies must be something that smaller or fitter people find easier.

Going to miss 8pm class tonight so did them at home today. Hung a soccer ball from the rafters in the garage to touch 6 inches over reach.
7:24 as rx’d (first 50 in 3:00) last 50 were ugly.

As Rx’d

As Rx’d

6:39…first 50 in ~2:50….done by slamming body off the ground and bouncing back up…closest I ever came to puking…dry heaving outside of class…good times

Pre OHS practice…kept load relatively light (115lbs max load) and focused staying in the bottom for ~5 secs… 5 sets x 5 reps…

bwt – 185 lbs

oh and Caper….burpee’s are never easy…they just suck…

Did Sundays WOD
Max Chins

5 @ 44lb
5 @ 55lb
5 @ 66lb
5 @ 76lb
5 @ 78.5lb
5 @ 81 lb

Body weight 169 lb

Wow…my time looks really bad now in comparison, but was a good workout

Neil – 14:05
Judy – well what can I say…came close to quitting but hung in there because of all the wonderful people in my class cheering me on…one day I hope to be as good as all of them… 14:27…with very ugly burpee’s

Dale 8:00 – likely under 8 minutes but Trevor didn’t expect him to finish when he did and had to go get the timer 🙂 “thanks for the push from Paige, Michelle and everyone”

Paige 9:04 – what a great push from Michelle!! I needed that! Thank you Michelle and Trevor! That was awesome.

Alvaro 12:00

What a strong and amazing class!! All of you!

as rx’d, 6:39
Trevor, thank you so much for keeping track of the numbers I was yelling out and for the push. Paige, thanks for the encouragement. Awesome class as usual!!! Hey JP! Nice job on the burpies! I missed your cheering!

Congratulations on your kickin’ burpees, Michelle!
Congratulations on making The Board with “Michael”, Michelle!

Insipiration comes to us in many forms and there are several women in my life that inspire me. That includes every woman I meet who does CrossFit with passion for sure. (you know who you all are) 🙂

Great work Michelle! Please tell me you felt as bad as me after…terrible…

GMAN….great job with the chin ups….

9:11 as rx’d

I assumed that chest to deck menat with a pushup. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Great job to you as well Steve! Yah, I felt really bad. For me, that’s when the uncomfortable feeling after seems truly unbearable. And thank you Paige. I watch how people do CrossFit and it seems as though every time I take something away that helps me. Paige, in watching you I have been inspired to try and have greater resolve and determination, stay focused, and remain positive and enthusiastic! Plus you never complain, ever!!!

G: 7:26
K: 10:17
Way to go Steve and Michelle – fantastic time! I told Trevor that if anyone was to beat Steve’s time it was Michelle. You almost made me a liar Michelle 🙂 K

As Rx’d 8:52
Pre WOD OHS 5/5/5/5/5-45/65/88/88/88

Need to work on inching my hands closer together on the OHS. 88 was the heaviest I could go keeping my hands closer. Thanks for the advice Trevor.

great work by everyone for their efforts and for encouraging others. Watch you all in that last catch with Judy was amazing to see.

hmmm, maybe my eyes are out of focus still. Watching you all in the last class with Judy was amazing to see.

agreed, Intent! 🙂 Judy is one of those women CrossFitting with passion. You keep me coming back! 🙂

Not quite as rx’d – Did it in the park in Kelowna with no target to jump and touch.


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