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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Rob at CF Games 08 


Clean and Jerk – 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2

Coach’s notes:  Post load for all sets to comments.


Compare to July 5, 2008 


Comments: 10

Good day in the gym for me!
Part A, C&J: 127×2, 137×2, 147×2, 157 (failed on jerk), 157×2 (PR). Need proper oly lifting gym to go heavier as I’m finding it difficult to “gently” bring down 157lb from OH.
Part B: Day 4 of my twice a week 20-rep squat experiment. Got the full 20 reps done at 167lb. This time legs were shaking more than mid section. Next time 172lb.

Clean and (Split) Jerk
65×2 / 75×2 / 85×2 / 95×2 / 100×2 / 100×2
Form for the second last set was a little iffy so I decided to stick with 100 and try to work on my form.

Missed class, but did Tuesdays WOD a2 Crowfoot Y.
2 KM row
150 Situps


Situps were slow as I did Friday’s WOD yesterday.

Stopped at 109 to work on form.

We both worked on form
Neil 118 lbs max
Judy 52 lbs max

As Rx’d
162 X 2. Was not getting under the bar well.
Power C & J
193 X1, fail rep 2

Squat clean and jerk
99×2 / 104×2 / 109×2 / 114×2 / 119×2 / 124×1 (new PR for C & J) other 1 @ 124 was a C & PP/PJ / 129 x 2 got the squat cleans (new PR) , but push pressed/ push jerked it overhead.
Hey Judy, nice C & Js!!!!

As with Mack I was not getting under the bar well and was not locking out my arms…lots of shoulder press and push press but rarely a jerk..just was not there mentally today…stayed at 132 lbs and worked on form…but I was so off I felt like I was reinforcing bad habits so I stopped the WOD…

G: I could cut & past Steve’s/Mack’s comments. Made it to 164# but was really push pressing too much to go farther. Cleans were there but jerks were not. Brett thought it might be tight lats & arms from HSPU & CTB pull-ups on Tuesday night. Not smart enough to back the weight off & work on technique. Derrick made it to 184# and Don to 194#. Focus area for me.

K: worked late.

115 lbs. x 2 for all 6. although my form isn’t perfect

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