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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

1 round for time:
800 m Run
40 Pick it up and put it overhead
800 m Run

Coach’s notes:  Guys use 105 lbs for lift and gals use 75 lbs.  Weight must start from the floor and reach full lock out overhead for each rep, you choose how to get it there.  Post time to complete to comments.

Compare to June 3, 2009


Comments: 21

sign-up sheets for FGB4 on sept 26th are posted next to the sign-in clipboard. the 9:30 time slot is almost full! sign up soon and make sure you register at fgb4 dot org!

This is a good WOD….sub 10min is very doable (maybe 9min? Any fire breathers out there!)…wish I could make it in today…but other priorities…

interesting workout, thought I would be around 10 minutes
as rx’d 13:44

17:12 as rx’d – last run was tough! well, so was first one for me – I’m just not that fast! good WOD though!!!!
Thanks again Brett!

13:45 as rx’d. Great workout def could have pushed it harder on the runs

~20 Min.

A few challenges today. First day back in a week and a half due to illness. And had to set up weights in the middle of the workout.

13:07 as rx’d. First run has to be quicker. can make up time in the 40 pick ups.

11:54 as Rx’d. Tried to stay relax for first 800 and then hit the C&J hard.

10:30 whole hell the run up hill was so hard. good class

85 lbs.

14:48 as rx’d should have pushed the runs a bit harder.

12:08 as rx’d

Gotta be quicker on the run next time

12:04 as RX’d


16:24 as rx’d
that last run up the hill was painful

Scaled weight to 62#.
Really need to work on the cleans. Shoulder shrug is lacking. I was catching the bar too low and too far forward rather than in a rack with the elbows up. That has to be my focus next time I do cleans)
(June 3rd: 18:06 with 52#; I’m really happy with that improvement!)

12:30 as rx’d.

Everything felt pretty strong today. C&Js were at a steady pace, but I pretty much let the bar stop bouncing on its own. I need to stop the bar myself if I want to speed the C&Js up some more. The bar bounces a lot from that height!

First run 3:08, 40 C&J ~ 5:40, Second run 3:42.

Neil 21:21 as rx’d
Judy 20:15 52 Lbs

With a possible miscount on the overheads, since Cory and I seemed to be going rep-for-rep but i finished 3 or 4 reps before him.

22:35 rx’d

11:05 as rx’d
2:48 run 1
4:50 C/J
3:28 run 2

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