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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

In 25 minutes reach a 1RM in the back squat

Rest 5 minutes

AMRAP back squat at 85% of the 1RM you just completed


Coach’s notes:  Post the load you reach for the 1RM and number of reps done at 85%.  We will discuss neuromuscular efficiency relative to the WOD in class.  If you are not attending or want learning a bit before class look at the Big Dawgs WOD for August 9, 2009 and related comments – www.optimumperformancetraining.blogspot.com


Attention Moms
CrossFit Preschoolers scheduled for Monday, August 24 at 1 pm will be rescheduled for Friday, August 28 at 1 pm.  This will include our ‘End of Summer PICNIC’ so keep your fingers crossed for good weather and we will be at Arbour Lake! 


Comments: 15

hit 165lbs and then missed 170lbs in final lift of working set. so that put me at 140lbs for the AMRAP… 4 reps, missed 5th

Got to 110 lbs for 1RM but felt as thought I had more in me.
Only 2 reps at 85 lbs, missed 3rd

1RM – 135#…15 reps at 115#

1RM – 240#
5 reps @ 205

Neil 1RM – 225lbs – 11 reps @ 192..need to go heavy for my 1 RM
Judy – missed class because of work

180 lbs (should have pushed for 5 more lbs) and 3 reps at 152.5

8reps at 132.5lbs

1 Rm – 295 lbs (tried my damndest for 300 but it was just out of reach, probably due to the 10 reps getting up to 295)
8 reps @ 235 lbs

1RM 222.5 PR by 7.5lbs yee haw!
Nice call Brett, coach 6th sense predicted a PR after my 185 rep.

9 reps at 190… interesting stuff.

1RM 295, failed 315 twice…a PR cuz I’ve never done a 1RM back squat before. Think I can get much more, just wasnt feeling comfortable under the bar.
0, yes 0, reps at 250
Some great squats tonight, awesome class

1RM 175lbs 3 reps at 150lbs, really have to work at getting down that last inch.

1RM: 260/270/275/280 (PR by 10lb)
8 reps at 238lb. Was a surprise, expected less.

1 RM – 115# (same as my PR). Might have been able to go up just a bit more, but time ran out. Plus, the 115# were uuuugly, so decided not to push for higher and get hurt.
4 reps at 97.5#
Very interesting class Brett! Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us!!! It’s fascinating stuff!!!

1RM 335

got 5 reps at 285

315×1, 335 (fail)


Good class…Garrett that was some serious squatting! 400+ pounds is no joke!

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