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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Crescent Heights Outdoor class

Partner Challenge 

2 rounds for time:

150 box jumps

150 foot wheelbarrow

150 KB Swing

Coach’s notes:  In pairs complete the reps above with only one person working at a time.  For example for 150 box jumps between the 2 partners you must complete 150 box jumps.  You do not each have to complete equal numbers of reps.  Post time to complete to comments.

The Aug. 16th kipping pull up seminar is FULL so we have added another seminar on Sunday, September 14th at 3 pm

Want to learn to kip? CrossFit Calgary will be hosting a kipping pull up seminar on Sunday, September 14th at 3 pm. Cost is $35/ person. 
Contact Leighanne at optadmin@optimumtraining.ca to register.   Spots are limited to 12. 


Comments: 11

If you want to see what can happen when weightlifting goes bad go to http://www.gettyimages.com go to the editorial section and click on sport and select weightlifting…I tried to post the URL but the link was not working. Then search within this sport using the term Hungary…you will find some very painful pics of a 77kg lifter dropping weight and dislocating his shoulder…brutal…you will probably see later on the web but if not the pics are good…

by the way the pics shown are from todays olympic events…

Well, I did the WOD from last Saturday…sub’d climate controlled, flat track for hills. Total time – 23:21

Those weight lifting photos that Steve G is talking about are crazy. Try this direct link to see it for yourself.


I saw that live last night. It’s actually his elbow that dislocates. Seeing it from behind was gruesome and I believe he was snatching 153kg

Scary photos, specially for someone with a history of dislocating shoulder.
WOD, sorta, no partner
75 box jump, 3:15
13 HSPU (4 with full ROM, rest with head 2″ from ground)
75 db swing 50lb, 5:10

As Rx’d


my partner and I used 20 inch box jumps…for KBS I used 2 pood and partner used 1 pood….

Team Fred and Barney aka Grant and Derek [both 1.5 pood]: 22:16

Team Mixed aka Kathleen [1.25 pood] and Dave [1 pood]: 28:15

Team Triplets aka Mark, Grant [both used 1.5 pood] and Kathleen [1.25 pood]: 29:19

Paige and Michelle
box jumps – 20inches
KBS – Paige used a red one (1.5pood???); Michelle – 20kg
Fun WOD!!!! Thanks Paige! It was great to partner up! Also, thanks to Grant and Kathleen who stayed to help form a team for the 8pm class!!!

Okay, so I don’t think the red one is 1.5pood. How about 1pood??? You think I would know this!

<p>Neil & Judy 29:20<br />
We haven’t done wheelbarrow races since we were kids..crazy man!!<br />
Way to go ‘Hardcore’..Michelle and Paige!!<br />
Thanks too to Grant and Kathleen for doing it all over again at the 8 pm class!</p>

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