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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

7 rounds for time: 


20 Shoulder Press

20 Sit-ups

Coach’s notes:  Guys use 75 and gals 45 for the press.  Post time to complete to comments. 

Compare to January 28, 2009

Important Reminder – CFC is hosting a Level II certification today and Thursday, August 13 and a Level I certification on Saturday, August 15 and Sunday, August 16. Therefore a modified class schedule will be in effect during these certification times.  There will be no 9:30 am class today but the evening classes will run as scheduled and on Thursday the only class cancellation will be the 9:30 am class. On Saturday and Sunday, all classes will be cancelled with the exception of the POSE running class which will run as scheduled. Thank you for your understanding.


CFC rocks “Fight Gone Bad” on Saturday Sept. 26, 2009.  Join thousands of CrossFit athletes across the US and Canada in a kick ass workout to raise money for charity.  Proceeds to benefit the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Canada.  More details to come.  JOIN THE CFC TEAM!  REGISTER ONLINE AT www.fgb4.org to create a profile and collect donations!

Comments: 24

As rx’d…28:54

BTW, sit-ups weren’t anchored 🙂

as rx’d…17:27. Great workout zilla!

as rx’d …….17:26. Awesome workout. Shoulders were gonna explode thanks for the push slightedge!!!

21:01 as rx’ed (32 min in OCt 08 uggh)
Great work Erin and Chelsea and good class DJ!

43:30 min 75# and GHD situps
Thanks DJ and Doug
7 full rds

16:16 as rx’d…harder then I thought it would be

1 & 2 rds – SP #44
Rest – SP #33
THanks for your help DJ, great class!

21:19 min 75# and GHD situps
Thanks DJ and Doug
7 full rds

19:19 as rx’d with abmat situps
Anything overhead really blows for me,,,reps started fast, ended real slow. Situps felt like a rest.
Great class, lots of effort being thrown out there tonight!

Neil as rx’d 23:47
Judy 22 lbs SP – 20:40

27:56 75# and GHD situps…

37:08 min 75# and GHD situps
Thanks DJ, Stach, and Alvaro
7 full rds

19:05 as Rx’d, from the floor.

17:26 as rx’d, thanks great class.

20:52 as Rx’d, anchored sit-ups
2 min faster than last time.

scaled to 32 lbs
first round at 45lbs

with 65 lbs

Ugh, should I really post my time???
32:44, using 38.5#
The weight got really heavy really fast. What a frustrating workout. No matter how badly I wanted to get that bar up, if my muscles didn’t want to, it just didn’t happen. That was very challenging. Probably should have scaled more. I stuck with the weight till the end though, which I am happy about (even though it took me half an eternity).
Sit-ups were unanchored and a piece of cake.
Thanks DJ for a great class!!!

42 lbs for SP – probably** and I say that questionably** could have gone 45 lbs (rx’d) – not sure how 3 lb weight difference would be ???
Thanks DJ – great class!

I’m with you Katrin … I definitely didn’t expect this workout to take as long as it did or be as difficult as it was … but we survived!
38.5# and abmat – 31:52

65# 25:44

Some strong folks in these parts.

17 minutes flat. First time doing this workout. Did a good job killing the front delts and abs.

My buddy I was training with did it in about 16.5 min.

Both were as rx’d.

30:34 as rx’d
Lots of presses in groups 2 or 3 with breaks in between.
I loved the sit ups. This was a very tough one for me.

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